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We Grow Dull for Lack of Desire

A desireless life is one that has lost its luster, one that feels like no life at all. “I’ve been trying to understand desire for decades. I’ve denied it, short-changed it, ignored it, but I’ve learned that without desire, there is no life. There are simulations, approximations, imitations, and that’s sometimes enough—until it isn’t.” – […]

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Should you really learn something new in 2020?

I’ve learned to be intentional about what I want to learn and with whom I want to study. To spend time reflecting on what I am curious about. What would help me do my work better? What is my soul needing? What is my mind craving? I no longer set out to learn something new […]

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Trust Yourself More in 2020

What I want in 2020 is for you to trust yourself more. It has taken me many years to learn to show up when I’m afraid, to make offers consistently, to ask for support, to do the work, and to share it with you. To be a brave creative who picks herself up and keeps […]

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What Do You Want To Do and Create Next?

Here’s a simple process to get clear on what you want to create next. What do you want to do? It is the opposite of all the hyper planning stuff that starts to bite and snarl at you this time of year. Like my Power & Love pack, there’s a gentler and more humane way […]

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Self-Care During The Holidays Checklist

Holidays bearing down on your sense of enoughness? Is stress mounting? Is loneliness pressing on you? Self-care during the holidays too often goes last on our list. How about a little self-care during the holidays checklist to ground you? Check every item that applies. __ Breathe. __ Name five things you dig about this time […]

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Tips On Finishing What You Start

Finishing what you start is not always simple. I get this question all the time: “How do I know when I’m finished?”  We yearn to know with clarity when we’ve crossed the finish line; to know we have done our best and that we can rest. But finishing what you start rarely feels like that. […]

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Holiday Book Gift Guide

Like many book lovers, I buy books as gifts and I’m always looking for book recommendations and book gift guides. When I have to buy a gift for someone that doesn’t read, I’m genuinely stumped. Then I go buy myself a book or two to fortify myself for non-book shopping. 🙂 In the spirit of […]

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Embracing Anti-Productivity and Living Your Human-Scaled Life

I coined the term “human-scaled life” when I was making a weekly Oasis audio a few years ago, as an antidote to our endless drive to be productive or an anti-productivity hack. I coined it in response to the insane pressure many of us experience around being productive, to always be improving, to be certain […]

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How to Become the Person You Want to Be

I often say when teaching or coaching, “You become the person who can do the thing you want to do by doing it.” You become the person you want to be. By which I mean you aren’t that person when you start your project, but you grow into being that person through the act of […]

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