Forget the great reset, we are in the great why bother

forget the great reset, we are in the great why bother

We’ve all read about how the pandemic has created the Great Reset for millions — people changing jobs, leaving industries, searching for better work conditions, better pay, more meaningful work. It’s exciting.

But I’m also sensing another trend, and that’s a deep collective sense of why bother. 

Personally, I think we can find plenty of reasons to bother, to create, to care, but then, we look out at the world, we sag with disbelief at the cynical lying, gas-lighting, and endless outrage…

…the Delta variant and the grinding exhaustion and horror of the pandemic, the burnout of our healthcare workers, teachers, and families, the stupidity of people who can and yet refuse to get the vaccination…

…the extreme weather, fires, floods, smoke that spreads for thousands of miles, and our growing climate anxiety…

Altogether, it’s quite a load for our human brains. 

This much turmoil is very difficult to process.

We all naturally want to move on, to get back to normal, but there is no normal to get back to. 

Life has changed forever. 

Truth is, it’s always changing,  but during times of great upheaval, this truth can no longer be ignored. 

Trying to grasp the past will not help us create a Great Reset, personally or collectively.

We have to grieve first. 

To find ways to deal with our collective pain, to wrestle with what has happened to us, what is happening to us.

Perhaps conversations with people you trust will help.

Or art you make to give voice to the fear and sadness. 

Maybe meditation or a prayer practice to steady yourself in the unknown.

Perhaps my last book could help.

Whatever we do, my gut tells me a certain level of why bother will continue to gnaw at us until we make time and space for the immensity of what we have faced and are facing as a species. 

Thank you for your courage in thinking about this.

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cynthia - September 29, 2021

there is no normal to get back to . .. we need to grieve. Oh my goodness, this.
My second youngest son died four years ago at age 20 and my world imploded. There was no normal to get back to. We have had to grieve first and then get busy re-creating a world to live within, without him.

and this is exactly the same. Actual grief, worlds imploded, for so many people. And the rest of us, feeling the blow back of this massive explosion. There is no normal to go back to. This is profound. Thank you.
( and yes i have been feeling the why bother and also remembering Anne Franks words about how she didn’t dwell on the devastation but on the beauty that remains … and that also means creating the beauty to remain.

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