What to do about those digital courses and products you’ve never finished – or even started

Jun 29, 2022

We’ve all done it — bought a course or a digital product, maybe an expensive one, and never finished it.

Maybe even never opened it. 😜

Maybe you thought someone had the answer to a burning question of yours or you were curious about what so-and-so knew or you were in a sad mood and wanted to soothe yourself.

Then something happened — you didn’t like the material, realized the teacher was full of it, got busy at work, got sick — and the learning fell away.

But there can be a sticky clingy residue around not finishing.

If that’s true for you, let this email be a refreshing shower to rinse any icky feelings for good.


I had a writing client who took all the fancy binders filled with CD’s (yep this was a while ago) and she built a sculpture out of them as an act of letting go of what she had invested a lot in that she no longer cared about.

That she no longer needed or believed.

Consider this your big beautiful permission slip to delete forever what no longer appeals or serves. Or build your own sculpture. Take a picture and send it to me.


Online marketers promise everlasting perfection, stunning success, and flawless skin while working only 10 minutes a year. I’ve bought stuff from the hucksters and it pisses me off.

Would it help to name who you feel misrepresented their offer? Over-promised? Didn’t deliver? To do a little ritual to let that purchase go?

If you want to understand the celebrity entrepreneur world and how they play the game, you might like listening to Duped.


List all the digital courses and e-books and products you’ve bought. I had a friend reveal she spent so much on courses (like 60K) that she went into debt and then hid the fact from her partner. They almost got a divorce when he discovered it.

If you don’t know how much you’ve spent, you may keep spending money in search of a mythical unicorn that even if it existed, you don’t need and never did.

This can be painful as watching Yummy Mommies but it can help you see through the illusion that nobody out there knows THE secret.


I’m a huge believer in learning with a specific desire or need in mind. For example, if I need to learn how to edit video, I don’t need a $1000 course on how to make videos but maybe I forgot that fact and I bought the whole shebang. I can let go of the rest for now and just use what I need.

Side note: lots of courses are bulging with hokum “bonuses” that can handicap your learning because your brain says “I’ll never get through all this stuff, I might as well give up now.”

Do your brain a favor and focus only on the tidbit you need right now. Ditch the bonuses.


Finishing is such a masculine idea (pun intended). Get what you need and declare yourself finished, done, finto, bye-bye.


If you haven’t downloaded the courses or digital products you paid for, take a moment to find the log-in info, and see if there is anything you want to download AND THEN PUT ALL THE INFO IN ONE FOLDER.

That way if you want to learn a tidbit or two, you can find it. Which sounds silly but it can make all the difference.


If you are a member (join us if you aren’t) use an Oasis weekly co-working sessions to do a few tidbits from a course you still care about.

If you aren’t an Oasis member, gather some friends for a 90 minute session of working together. Start by deciding what you need, go find it, then work away, and finally celebrate.

Everybody can do their own forgotten course.


You are a curious learner who loves to explore and expand. It’s a big part of what makes you so awesome. So whatever you learn and whatever you leave behind, you ALWAYS shine so brightly.

From the national best-selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and Why Bother.

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