Best book and TV shows I’ve imbibed lately

May 18, 2022

I promised you another fantabulous resource round-up post — this time it’s books and TV shows I’ve loved recently. Hopefully something new to feed your brain.

(Amazon links are offered for ease of research as well as Bookshop.)


Deborah Levy’s Real Estate ( | ) – A creative woman’s life at 59 – which is my age. Her way of handling time is masterful. I also loved her book The Cost of Living ( | ).

I loved this science fiction novella by Becky Chambers ( | ) — you might like it even if you aren’t a sci-fi fan. I love all her books that I’ve read so far including A Long Way to an Angry Planet ( | ) (she’s good with titles!)

Lily King’s book of short stories Five Tuesdays in Winter ( | ) was sublime and uplifting.

A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth ( | ). At 1349 pages, it is not a quick read (😆😆) but if you love to spend a few weeks with a cast of characters and you love learning about history (1950 India) you may love it. I did.

I interviewed Susan Shapiro for my and her book The Book Bible ( | ) is a useful overview of book genres to help you find your best genre. Because deciding your genre is key!

Favorite book about writing personal narrative I’ve read in a long while ( | ). Don’t miss this one.

Have you read Lessons in Chemistry ( | ) yet? Oh then you are going to thank me!

I’m going to Italy in June and found The Eyes of Venice ( | ) charming.

Deep Knowing by Kim Hermanson ( | ) – I had Kim on my because of this stunner of a book — necessary reading for all creatives.

The FireKeeper’s Daughter ( | ) just won an Edgar for best YA mystery — I love this author so much that yes I had her on the .


All Creatures Great and Small – total comfort. Can’t wait for Season 3! Masterpiece theater – your local PBS channel or through Amazon

Around the World in 90 Days – it’s very Disney but fun.

Masterpiece theater – your local PBS channel or through Amazon

Slow Horses – spy show but really about the human costs of being a spy. Apple TV.

Julie is essential viewing for any creative woman over 45. Julie Childs was already important in our house because that’s how Bob learned to cook but now she’s equally treasured by me. HBO Max.

Our Flag Means Death — over the top satire. HBO Max.

Annika – murder mystery, very relatable main character. Masterpiece theater – your local PBS channel or through Amazon

Call my Agent – NOT the American version – French all the way baby. Netflix.

Inventing Anna – I am not someone who follows scandals or fashion or any of that world but I binged watched (for me that’s two episodes a night) this cleverly structured exploration of the need for fame above all. Netflix.

Dead to Me — so unique. Netflix.

Bosch – we are only on Season 2 of 8 seasons but I love his character. Amazon.

Streaming service tip: I only pay for two services at a time because otherwise, the choices are too overwhelming and the costs too high. We can’t find new stuff we want to watch, I cancel those services and we move to another channel. I write down the date to cancel on my and make sure I have all my passwords organized in LastPass.

Hope you find a book and a show that is new to you!

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