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Stop writing in circles, stop questioning if you have anything worthwhile to say and please, I beg you, stop trying to put everything you know in your book.

I’ve coached hundreds of writers to clarify their big ideas, find their hooks, and get them out into the world.

5 Ways to Start (or Reboot) Your Non-Fiction Book

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Who am I to help you?


I’ve published 9 books with close to a million copies sold, helped launch the self-care movement with my first best-seller, The Woman’s Comfort Book, hosted a national radio shows and two podcasts, written a national magazine column, lead retreats and workshops around the world, spoken to giant audiences, been on Oprah, and over the last 20 years, coached hundreds of writers to hone their ideas and share them with the world.

All of this experience has taught me that every single person I’ve worked with was unstoppable as soon as they got clear on their point and trusted what they had to say mattered.

These writers and entrepreneurs needed help believing in their ideas, they needed help developing their big idea and their book’s hook, and they needed help to be seen and share their work. (Especially that last one!)

And once these dazzling people learned to do that? They couldn’t keep their brilliance bottled up and hidden one minute longer. (Or they might have spontaneously combusted and that would be very messy for everybody.)

I know you can craft your book and get it to the people you want to serve, and I know I can make your book-writing experience much much easier. Let me ride sidecar with you. We could wear matching vegan leather pants and a kicky pair of boots. Or our stretched-out sweat pants and our faded team-building t-shirts. It’s all good.

But what’s not good? You waiting and floundering and writing in circles, even one moment longer.

Who I’ve helped

Dr Kellie Kirksey
Lauren Fleshman
Finka Jerkovic
Tracy Beckerman
Sarah Robinson Flick, MD
Helen Morales
Karen Meadows
Finka Jervovic
Melissa Page
Julie Frieder, Angela Heiston and Annika Paradise
Mindy Meiering
Laura Crandall

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Start your book, find your hook, and finally publish your non-fiction book.

Start your book,
find your hook,
and finally publish your
non-fiction book.