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Feeling Despair? You Know, You Can Begin Again Any Time

Have you ever had a feeling of despair sneak up on you? I scared myself last week. I won’t bore you with all the details, but after forty-five minutes stuck in a morning snowstorm on the highway, I got home and was so exhausted, I went back to bed. For most of the day.  I’ve […]

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Inviting Joy and Wonder to Help Start Something New

I know I’ve been writing non-stop about fear lately. That’s because I was prepping for, and now am teaching GSSD. But mostly it’s because I am learning a joyful and wondering way to be TERRIFIED.  You see, I’m taking all kinds of risks these days with my new book. What I wrote is incredibly personal. Then there […]

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Overcoming Fear: How to Fear-Proof Your Day

Wonder if you need to work on overcoming fear? Does any of this sound familiar? You plan to work on your side-hustle and find yourself knee-deep in organizing your books?  You decide to cut back on expenses so you can work less and create more, but then find yourself remodeling your kitchen? You face the […]

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Stop Waiting for the Universe to give you Permission

I love synchronicity and coincidences and feeling like I’m on the right path as much as the next person. I know when I am pushing and need to back off, take a break, wait for my mind to calm down and for my next steps to show up. I believe there is so much more […]

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When You Feel Powerless

For those of us in the U.S., this week brought a double wave of horror with back to back mass shootings of unspeakable violence. Of course, we are filled with rage over more innocent lives lost to hate, stupidity, greed, and the rise of white supremacy. Of course, we wonder why we are the only […]

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What’s Pleasure Got to Do with Rewriting Anything?

Our theme at the weekly Oasis for July has been Pleasure and Freedom. I usually take each theme to heart, reading about it,  cogitating on it, turning it over in my mind and heart. I was rewriting my book (it’s due this Friday to my editor!!) and I was getting jumpy, having a hard time […]

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I wanted to share a picture of my daughter Lillian and me during her spontaneous visit to see Bob and me this week. Lilly lives in Seattle. She stayed in the PacificNorthWest after we moved to Colorado four years ago, as did my bonus son Aidan. It’s the only thing about the move I didn’t […]

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Go Big and Go Analog

A simple idea has revolutionized my writing life and made writing my book so much easier. It does not involve any of the weird writing productivity rituals you read about in writing books and blogs. I’m not writing naked tied to my chair until my husband Bob releases me at the end of the day […]

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