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5 Ways to Claim Your Writing Superpower

I just back from leading a writing retreat in Taos, which filled up my heart and soul in a thousand ways, and made me so proud of myself. I have learned to do this work! About half the women who attend my retreats come back again and again and several reflected to me during the […]

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When you don’t tell the truth… to yourself

When was the last time you discovered something about yourself that you didn’t like? For me that would have been Tuesday in morning meditation… And most of the last three years. Because that’s how long I’ve spent working on my new book which is mostly a memoir. Anyone who’s attempted this genre knows that you […]

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[VIDEO] Writing made me do it…

With this short and grateful love letter to what writing has made me do and what it’s made possible for me, I offer you a way to claim and celebrate what writing has made you do, and might “make” you do in the future. I loved making my list. Now I’d love to know, what’s […]

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[VIDEO] 10 sentences to clarity…

In today’s video I invite you to do a powerful short exercise – IN WRITING! – that might reveal some fresh insights and simple steps to take you toward an emerging or well loved desire. You’ll need writing materials, a few minutes, and your imagination because before you gain clarity with the “10” you’re going […]

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[VIDEO] What the heck is my writing even about?

Can you relate to this… You sit down to write. And you write and write. You probably have periods where you get so excited you can barely stand yourself with how much you can write. Flow baby flow! And other times, it’s like exercising after recovering from the flu or having dinner with your mother-in-law […]

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