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Why I’m So Very Grateful I Was Rejected

30 years ago (oh my, writing that made me gasp), I applied to the MFA program at USC film school, where I had just finished my BA in film studies and production. I was turned down. Rejected. The faculty kindly told me they thought I should go out in the world and work for a […]

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Stop Learning Now

Okay, I don’t actually mean that. I know you adore learning, that it’s like trying to scratch a most delicious itch. You like that it stops itching… but only for so long. What I actually mean is are you digesting and sharing what you’ve learned? I was prepping to teach a meditation yesterday when the […]

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Some people are naturally confident, effective teachers

Some people are naturally confident, effective teachers. I’m not one of them. In fact, I used to want to quit teaching and speaking almost every single time I did it. But only for the first 18 years. Yes, it took me that long to trust and enjoy myself as a teacher. Gulp. I had been […]

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