Jettison Self-Doubt and Lose the Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee and Make Your Thing Now

From the national best-selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and Why Bother.

Made for writers, artists, mail art makers, knitters of sock puppets, creative entrepreneurs, photographers, Tarot readers, and anybody who needs to make stuff they love.

Every single writer & creator topples into the quicksand of “I can’t do this.”

Every single writer & creator thinks “This utterly sucks, I should quit”

Every single writer & creator wonders “Why bother? Who will care?”

Every single writer & creator struggles with where to start. 


It never ever EVER means you shouldn’t do your work or that there isn’t a way to make your thing.

I’ve got the BEST first aid kit for what ails you, no matter what kind of sticky-stuck quicksand sucky place you find yourself in and no matter what your creative medium.

Part quiz (cause we all love a fun quiz) and chock full of get-back-to-creating practical suggestions, the Make Your Thing guide is the creative crowbar you need. And it’s free. 

“This guide is a first aid kit. Full of salves to heal the inevitable setbacks of making stuff and different shaped Band Aids for every type of wound. Every creative person should keep it handy.”

– Danny Gregory, author of 12 internationally best-selling
books on art and creativity & co-founder of Sketchbook Skool

“First of all, can I just say how much I love Jen Louden!? Her grounded insights never fail to offer new gems of wisdom and inspiration, and “How to Follow Through on your Creative Desire,” is no exception. Lovely, clear and perfectly practical, this free little offering is packed with awesome antidotes to all your creative blocks. Definitely worth a read!”

– Flora Bowley, artist * author * inspirationalist

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