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Consistently Create out Loud

“It’s like having Jen as your personal coach!”

As a smart, creative woman who longs to make a difference in the world, you deal with more than your fair share of:

  • Procrastination
  • Fear of Choosing
  • Disappointment & Why Bother Thoughts
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Trouble Focusing
  • Time Anxiety

Trust me when I say that these do NOT have to be your constant companions for your journey! After making my living writing, speaking, and teaching for almost three decades, I know how it feels to deal with seemingly endless periods of creative downturns, blocks, and frustrations.

But after years of study and experimentation, I’ve discovered simple, accessible practices that will help you get out of your own way and FINALLY make progress to that creative and life goals that've been calling to you.

Whether you’re a writer, a creative entrepreneur, a teacher, a gardener, a chef, an activist, a poet, a parent, a grandparent, a healer, or an artist, you are "a creative"…

...And learning to play with and befriend the energetic cycles, the doubts, and the fear gremlins is the secret to experiencing the full, deep joy of leaning into your creative yearnings.

YOU CAN CREATE WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE *(which my friend is very different from getting the perfect results)

  • Ready to learn specific, actionable skills to help you get out of your own way?
  • Ready to get compassionate effective help to make yourself and your desires a priority? Not just once in awhile but every week, heck every day!
  • Ready to stop forgetting what you want because life gets so crazy and everybody else comes first?

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For only $39/mo.

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You missed out!

Here’s How The Oasis Supports You:

I created The Oasis to support creative souls by providing weekly focus sessions, targeted resources, and feminist-informed mindfulness tools, to help you get out of your own way and continually make human-scaled progress towards your (sometimes secret) dreams and desires.

We keep it simple, do-able, and fun — just enough to keep you inspired, fueled, and supported the way that serves you best.

While staying completely and utterly out of any sort of self-improvement "I'm not good enough" trap. 

And as far away as humanly possible from any "live, love, laugh" best life slogan bull and even farther away from hustle culture toxic productivity.

Each week, I deliver a curated collection of resources to help you…

Take Consistent Action on What You Care About
Stay Focused even when Life Gets Crazy
Be More Compassionate with Amazing Self

Celebrate the Creative Being You Are so You Can Thrive — NO MATTER WHAT!

The Oasis Membership at a Glance

Weekly Oasis Audio

Each week, you’ll receive a new audio focus session  that combines brain science, psychological research, ancient spiritual technologies, my famous “trickster prompts,” and more. These unique nurturing motivational audios are the cornerstone of our work together. They’re a reminder to prioritize self-care & your desires while taking action on what matters most!

Weekly Monday Morning Motivation

These bite-sized videos meet you on Monday morning to help you declare what will satisfy you this week and decide clearly what you can truly do. Stop getting sucked into the whirlwind of reaction, and start the week centered and clear.

Live Monthly Calls

Accountability and gentle structure for creatives is key. You’ll feed your muse  and receive — and provide! —  accountability with a variety of methods, including coworking sessions, journaling prompts, coaching, tapping into “hive mind,” and more.

Oasis Streaks 

Every month we focus on taking action on one tiny aspect of our creative lives. Our most recent Streak was all about desire!

Insider Resources

Like all of us, I’m constantly evolving, learning, and growing. I’ll share the latest on my own personal journey to infuse my life with more creativity, desire, and joy. See how I get in — and out of — my own way in real time! From the serum I use for dry skin to the best novel I’ve recently read to the research I use to make the Oasis audios.

Life Library

Can’t get started on a project? Creative anxiety have you by the throat? The Internet sucked you into its vortex? Wondering how to market your work? Click over to the Life Library where you’ll find an assortment of short audios and videos to inspire you, motivate you, and shift your energy - fast.

Writing & Business Practices

If you find meaning by playing with words or creating your own business, you’ll love these monthly audios to expand your knowledge and joy.

Private Community

You’ll love our private community with opportunities to connect with travelers on the same path and make like-minded friends. Share resources and experiences, celebrate wins, find creative collaborators, make new friends, and cheer each other on!

All-Access Pass

When you join, you get access to the entire library of Oasis resources! Over 100 hours of support to get unstuck , just waiting for you!

BONUS! Join now and receive my powerful ebook How to Follow Through on your Creative Desire. 


For only $39/mo

Creativity is a practice, heck, life is a practice, and The Oasis provides a flexible, easy, and fun reminder to bring your creativity, your desires, and yourself to the forefront of your life so you can make progress on the creative goals and dreams you’ve been hiding.

Creating the life you want is the most important and the most difficult work that adults do and we don’t have a lot of pointers or support to do it. It’s as if we are supposed to somehow magically know how to live with purpose and integrity, and overcome our fears to get out of our way.

Borrow my feisty spirit to get your scary sh*t down, where you chill and regroup to remember your essential goodness, and where you live the question what's most important to me?

Become an Oasis Member!

Two Subscription Options to Choose from:

Most Flexible

For only

$39 / month

Best Value*

get two months free!

$390 / 12 months

*BONUS! Join now as an annual member and not only will you receive TWO months free, you’ll also get access to my brand-new course… 

Your Procrastination Survival Kit:

Simple Strategies for Getting (Even Scary) Stuff Done 

Support for Making Progress Toward your Truest, Healthiest, Most Creative Life

Your Procrastination Survival Kit is a compendium of informative audios and unique and simple exercises, this concise Survival Kit will help you go deeper in pinpointing your procrastination tendencies, and then create an elegant strategy for working past them. The result: You’re consistently able to show up and create — even when you don’t feel like it!

The Survival Kit is FREE with your annual membership!

The Oasis Is Created for YOU.

Whether you’re writing a symphony, writing a poem, or writing a grocery list… you ARE a creative. Our most basic desire  is to create, to express the life force bubbling in us, and when we embrace and nurture that desire, the juice and joy spills over into every area of our lives!

Unfortunately, our Western patriarchal culture imposes so many expectations and rules on us that we can forget our desire to create, to make a life we love. The Oasis exists for one simple reason -- To help remind you of your innate birthright: To love, to grow, to create, to LIVE.

And always to begin again when you forget. With supreme self-compassion.

Coming back to ourselves and what we want doesn’t take have to take hard work, intensive therapy, or month-long silent yoga retreats (although you certainly can go that route if it thrills you!). Instead, a series of gentle reminders and practices will help inspire you to tap into the creator in you, leading to tiny shifts that can, over time, result in significant changes.

I’d love to help you create the life you want,  the work you want, the contribution you want, to create a life of purpose, meaning, and focus, week after week.

I'd love to help you go from “why bother?” to “hell yes?”


As a Member, you receive:

  • New weekly audio retreat with reminders, exercises, and guidance
  • New weekly video for on-demand calm and focus
  • Exclusive, “no-advice” community
  • Live monthly members-only call
  • All-access pass to past Oasis resources, on-demand
  • Weekly co-working sessions to hold you accountable
  • Monthly Streaks to help you tiny consistent action
  • Monthly writing and business practice for deeper exploration
  • Life library access
  • …and more!

Become an Oasis Member!

Two Subscription Options to Choose from:

Most Flexible

For only

$39 / month

Best Value*

get two months free!

$390 / 12 months

*BONUS! Join now as an annual member and not only will you receive TWO months free, you’ll also get access to my brand-new course… Your Procrastination Survival Kit


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