If you are a creative entrepreneur, a writer, a coach, a consultant, a podcaster, or some fantastic combination, you probably feel alone and confused more often than you would like.

I get it. I’ve been doing all that and more for 32 years. Everybody needs an experienced outside perspective to lean on from time to time.

But finding someone who knows what they are talking about and isn’t trying to sell you a bunch of crap? That can be hard. I’ve paid for useless advice or too general of help, and it stings.

What do you wish you could ask a seasoned author and creative entrepreneur with decades of profitable and wide experience?

“My Clarity Session was exactly that–an outpouring of creative energy, inspiring advice, and honest insight from a fellow author and entrepreneur. I laughed, I cried, and I finished our session with a sense of possibility and loads of ideas to put into action when the time was right.”

– Meredith Wild

#1 New York Times bestselling author of the Hacker Series

I wish every time I felt stuck and alone in my work, I had reached out for help. It could have saved me so much time and made me so much more money. Truly.

I’d love to be that person for you.


Here are questions I’ve helped people like you with:

  • How do I keep running my business when I’m so tired of marketing?
  • Which book idea should I write next?
  • How do I manage everything I need to do every day?
  • Where do I even start with my author platform – I hate social media!
  • I want to make more money how do I best tweak my offers?
  • I need to fill my retreats but I keep flailing around.
  • Where is it best to focus my marketing attention this year?

We can:

  • Review your sales page for an offer or online course
  • Review your non-fiction book structure and tweak it.
  • Build a marketing campaign for an event.
  • Plan a book launch.
  • Get you out of trying to do everything and having nothing get traction.

You can see some of my experience below – I draw on my successes and failures to help you get where you want to go a little faster and easier.

Here’s my experience:

I’ve written nine personal growth books with almost a million copies sold.

I’ve created and licensed products – mugs, greeting cards, calendars, datebooks, teapots, posters, and magnets.

I’ve written a weekly newsletter for 21 years (not dog years, actual human years) which means I also started building an email list in 1999.

I’ve written a monthly national magazine column for Body & Soul and Whole Living.

I hosted a national radio show on Martha Stewart Living SIRUIS-FM channel.

I’ve created online courses with millions in revenues (sorry to be vague but I’ve done so many courses for so many years, I’ve lost count).

I’ve created two long running membership communities with over 3,400 total members and more than a million dollars in revenue.

I’ve delivered keynotes around the U.S., Canada and Germany and I’ve hosted hundreds of sold-out retreats, in person and virtual.

I host a podcast Create out Loud where I interview famous and not-so-famous creatives about their creative process and how to make a living.

I’ve coached creatives and writers for more than twenty years. I trained with Newfield Network in 2001 in ontological coaching. I have done numerous classes and programs in writing and book coaching, development editing, and story structure. I also hold a B.A. from USC School of Cinematic Arts.

I’ve been hired by brands like Johnson & Son, Proctor & Gamble, Real Networks, and many others to talk about comfort and self-care on media tours, presentations, and interviews.

I’ve been interviewed or quoted in major magazines and national TV including O Magazine, People, Real Simple, Oprah, two of Brene Brown’s books, CNN, MSNBC, Yoga Journal, and hundreds of podcasts. You can see a list of most recent podcast interviews here.

“Before working with Jen, I really struggled to get high-level business advice I could trust. Most business coaches understand very little about retreat businesses. And many retreat business coaches are focused on beginners.

I needed support from someone who has both experience and expertise—and Jen has tons of both. She easily spotted where I was going wrong, and suggested doable strategies that I could quickly implement given where my business is right now. She also pointed out all the things I’m doing right, which I wouldn’t have recognized if it weren’t for her.

Most surprising to me was how incredibly generous and supportive she was. I finished our session with new strategies and a new sense of confidence in myself and my business—which any business owner knows is half the battle. I waited a long time before reaching out to her, and that was a mistake. If you want supportive, savvy coaching that will clarify both where you are and where you should go next, you should work with Jen. Right now.”

– ​Michelle Boyd, PhD


A Clarity Session includes:

A detailed questionnaire that will bring you more clarity just by filling it out.

1 private, 60-minute coaching session with me

Any follow-up resources I mention in the call sent via email within 48 hours

A recording of our session with an AI transcript.

Price: $500

“I booked the Clarity Session at a time when two writing projects I’d been working on were coming to a close, and I had been approached with an opportunity that I wasn’t sure about pursuing. This opportunity is one that I wanted so badly to be excited about, but that I was hesitant to give myself permission to go there. Sort of an “it’s too good to be true” moment.

At the end of the session with Jen, I felt so much clearer. I was – and still am – excited about the opportunity. I have a list of questions to explore to help me decide if this opportunity is right for me. And even more than that, I recognize that this isn’t just about the opportunity itself, this is about being at a point where I’m curious about growing and changing. What’s different now is that I see that excitement and nervous energy for what it is: a desire to try something new and Jen helped me recognize that it’s safe to follow that desire.

Now, I’m looking forward to continuing to research my big opportunity. I’m open to the possibility that this might grow into something amazing that changes the way I work in the world. Or, that this might not be the right change, but that I’m open to change. The session helped me ease into this space in the middle, between being given an opportunity and deciding whether or not to take it, making it more comfortable here while I gather more information and explore if this change might be the right one for me.

– ​Sara Marchessault

Professor, writer, entrepreneur

“Eight hours of coaching from Jen Louden gave me the mindset I needed to more than double my business and my income. Her expansive vision and infectious belief that I deserved more than I had shed new light on all the ways I was thinking small. Then cracks began to form in those beliefs, and they fell to the ground.

She guided me away from all the SHOULDS — I’m qualified to teach this, I should teach that — and a couple of steps later I’m teaching exactly what I want to teach, and having a great time doing it.”

– ​Lisa Jones

Author of Broken: A Love Story, writing teacher, lisajonesteaches.com

“I’ve worked with many coaches over my 10+ years in business, and no one is able to blend the practical with the inner work as beautifully and effectively as Jen Louden. She is not only a wise and compassionate mentor, she is also an accomplished entrepreneur with a wealth of experience. Through insightful and gentle questioning, she continuously helps me uncover how to be more authentically me in every area of my life. I’m so thankful to have her as I navigate the ever-changing landscape of business.”

– Lain Ehmann

Best-selling author, copywriter and online business strategist,
radio show host

“I never dreamed my book, The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls, would be released in the middle of a pandemic.

The book is a central element in an evolving purpose and passion project for me. Women and girls urgently need each other’s support on the journey to becoming our best authentic selves. The project began as a program of live workshops for pairs of women and the younger women or girls in their lives. It became clear during COVID we need each other now more than ever.

I decided to pivot and create virtual courses that would accompany the book. At that point I sought Jen Louden’s strategic coaching. Her openness, casual warmth and quick understanding during the productive call led to breakthrough thinking for me. I’d been grappling with a chicken-and-egg question, unsure where to begin. Do I develop a corporate or a youth natural mentoring course first?

Because continuous learning is vital in corporate leadership today, there is great value for both the natural mentor in learning new skills as well as for the younger colleague she mentors who benefits from her mentor’s role modeling during her own emerging leadership development.

The aha! moment for me came directly from Jen. She articulated the corporate perspective around natural mentoring as a “double solution for retention of the leader and engagement for the newer, emerging leader.” Listening to Jen phrase it that way bolstered my confidence in moving forward. I decided to begin with corporate natural mentoring course development, followed by youth natural mentoring course development.”

– ​Christine Wagner

Author, The Power of Natural Mentoring