​for people who want support and companionship to live their truest, healthiest, most creative life

You Know How the Call to Create a Satisfying Life Can Be so Exhilarating... and Also So Overwhelming?

Sometimes you know exactly what to do to make a life you are proud of and other times, you wonder “why bother?” Why bother to make what you want - whether it’s a book, a business, a great relationship, vibrant health - when you've been disappointed or rejected so many times before?

How to begin again? How to trust yourself without deluding yourself? How to keep going but in ways that get more of the results you want? How to know your desires and share your voice?

If you want help finding, owning, and living your “why bother?”, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend membership in The Weekly Oasis. ​It’s where people of all kinds gather to commit to their desires and make them real.

That's exactly what The Oasis gives you.

Here's what two of our members had to say about The Oasis....

The Oasis is one of the best support structures I have ever invested in. Not least because it's *not* a programme, it's about learning to develop a strong loving self-compassionate relationship with myself. Every week there's a call to listen to with writing prompts, that allows me to sink down and truly recognise and acknowledge my own beautiful messy humanity, whilst also assembling a "human-size" plan - what Jen calls the "pots" - based on the reality of my own energy levels and bandwidth.

It helps me to complete projects as opposed to leaving them half done. The community is one of lively, interested, authentic women who are an inspiration. The time I spend every Sunday with the Oasis calibrates me for the coming week.

Anne Walsh

Because of the Oasis, I am part of a wonderful community of humans who work and play day by day in order to live a conscious life – to be awake and to touch in with our deepest desires. Because of the Oasis, I have a place to come each week to rest, to find solace, to touch others and allow them to touch me. Because of the Oasis I am more clear on my goals and those goals are more realistic – more scaled to this one, lovely, human-sized life I am living. Because of the Oasis I dance more, smile more, and love this sweet body I live in.

Because of the Oasis, I feel a new sense of belonging – not only to this wonderful bunch of humans, but also out in the world. The things I find here are so broad and they reach into all areas of my life. Jen’s wisdom and her guests and especially the wisdom of my fellow members is priceless to me.

Pam Bustin

Writer| PamBustin.com

Create More

Channel the anger, the despair, and the longing so, instead of burning out, you focus forward. Declare your creative and life projects and map out consistent human-scaled plans while dissolving self-doubt and fear - week after week.

Share Your Voice More

Get the boost you need to share your voice - whether that’s publishing your work, asking for a promotion, or speaking up in a relationship. Grow the courage to be seen and to be utterly yourself!

Get Your ​Bother On

Understand and tame the fear, doubts, waffling, and procrastination that can prevent you from making what you want to make. Stop waiting for the perfect moment.

How It Works

The Weekly Oasis

Every Friday I deliver a new audio retreat straight to your inbox – I use brain science, psychological research, ancient spiritual texts, embodied practices, great poetry, and my famous “trickster prompts” to help you:

  • ​Get crystal clear on what you want to focus on this week & make a human-scaled doable plan
  • Do what you need to do to stay sane and grounded 
  • check
    Keep “shadow comforts” and procrastination in check without getting into a draining self-improvement battle 
  • check
    Gently see and shift old patterns that deplete you
  • check
    Feel less alone, more self-loving and determined
  • check
    Enjoy this precious life!

Think of me as your personal creativity + life guide.

I facilitate a rich nurturing space for you to refuel and recalibrate. Because life is hard enough without having to do it all by yourself. I help you remember why your desires matter. Together we'll connect and reconnect to your 'why bother?'

Try Out A Weekly

Oasis Audio Below!

Get a backstage pass to The Weekly Oasis. Watch this video to sneak a peek inside and see what you'll get when you become a member of The Weekly Oasis. It’s so good!

to make support as affordable as possible the monthly membership price is now $29 (normally $59)

Here's how our members describe their favorite part of The Weekly Oasis...


Here's What Else You Receive Every Month

A Weekly Video

​​I take one powerful insight from the weekly audio and make you an eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart video.

If you only need a little bit of calm and focus, or when you need a sweet reminder of your beauty and power, these videos will fill you up. 

​A Live Monthly Call with Me

​Always recorded, you can send in your questions ahead of time; this is never a same-old coaching call. Every month we experiment with different ways to feed our creative hearts and practice accountability. We’ll use small groups, coworking, journaling prompts, coaching round robins, “hive mind,” and more.

Every quarter, I invite a guest expert to teach our community something illuminating. The classes are taught live on video and recorded for you to view any time you wish.

Past guests include Playing Big coach Tara Mohr, story-coach Lisa Cron, Oprah contributor Susan Hyatt, small business expert Tara McMullin (formerly Gentile), Curvy Yoga creator Anna Guest-Jelley, creativity productivity expert Jessica Abel, Earth Medicine teacher Pixie Lighthorse, book coach Jennie Nash, art journaler Lisa Sonora, and brand consultant, Jeffrey Davis.

These are always interactive conversations with time for Q&A!

Insider Resources

The Oasis is where I share what I’m learning and what resources I’ve discovered.

I discuss my fears, my breakthroughs, what I’m doing about the climate crisis, to make my health sing, what’s up with my writing, my marriage, and my business.

Whatever feels of use to you, I share woven into our weekly audios, through links, and in the weekly videos. I want you to have it all. 

​My book 'Why Bother?' is guiding much of my work these days. I'll draw from it heavily and we'll talk through some of the ideas.

​Writing Practice

If you find meaning and pleasure by playing with words, you’ll love this bonus. Every month I create a writing audio practice to expand your writing knowledge and joy.

Whatever your genre or intention, you’ll find inspiration and new information. I cover everything from generating new work, structuring a memoir, growing your platform, crafting better metaphors, revising, starting again after a long break, and how to write a scene. I’ve been writing professionally for 29 years, and teaching writing for 18, so I have lots to share!

Want me to create something for you? Just ask!

A Life Library

​Next time you can’t get started on a project, creative anxiety has you by the throat, or the Internet has sucked you in, click over to the library at the Oasis where there will be a short, comforting, energy-shifting audio or video waiting to aid you.

Like everything at the Oasis, these will be science-based, love-infused, rich experiences that will shift your mood and reveal new possibilities. Make a playlist and have help at your fingertips everywhere you go.

“In my experience, no one holds space more powerfully and tenderly than Jen Louden. That she can create this nourishing, caring space over a phone line is incredible. I joined the first Oasis at a time when I knew I needed a "container" for self-care. I was travelling frequently to take care of my ill father, who has since passed away. I needed a structure, a place, and support. I needed EXACTLY what Jen offered with the Oasis.

Spending time every week at the Oasis grounds me. I am totally, completely with myself, exactly as I am. And I am not alone. Feeling accompanied and supported by Jen brings me tremendous peace and comfort. Choosing to join the Oasis, for me, was not about accomplishing a goal or project. It was about choosing to make my self-care a priority.

I have grown in my self-awareness through the Oasis, and I have been supported through grieving the loss of my father and coping with a serious illness of another family member. I am so very, very grateful.”

Anne Vincent
Community Development Consultant

“A Sanctuary for the Creative Soul. You have created a beautiful space where we may gather to devote ourselves to creativity and supportive community."

Catherine Cerulli

I just wanted to share a deep bow of gratitude to Jen for creating this community and for all she offers us here. One of my commitments to myself in 2020 is to be more deeply devoted to my creativity and writing and I look forward to using The Oasis as a weekly touchstone and support to help me stay focused. And OMG, I have been love, love, loving the 2020 Power Pack! Thank you for gifting this to us with The Oasis! I took a few hours to work through it and feel like it helped me give completion to the last year (and decade) and enter 2020 with a lot more clarity about my focus for the year. 

Mindy Stern Meiering

“Because of the Oasis, I feel less alone and peculiar in the world, and I spend less time freaking out about everything I want to do and all the reasons I'm not doing it. The weekly Oasis provides me a sense of community--there are other folks out there struggling to define and honor their desires, and Jen's smart and gentle prompts help me pin down the corners of my tent, to create a shape and shelter in which to dream and from which to begin to accomplish. One week--this week--what can I do? How can I move forward? What is calling me? How can I claim a moment, an hour, a morning for my own freedom? It's a challenge, a pleasure, a support and guide."

Melissa Capers

Oasis Member - Helen Rebello

Oasis Member - Marion Chapsal

What Makes The Weekly Oasis So Effective and Inspiring?


I walk with you on this wild and wonderful experience of creating more of what you want. I share my struggles, my hard won insights, and the tools that I use to keep creating. And the community companions you too.

Dismantling Fear

​You need outside help to dismantle the fears that lead you to procrastinate and hide because fear is so good at convincing you its right. We calm our nervous systems and look at our fears so you can be more bold and more self-compassionate - they go hand-in-hand.

Build Courage and Resilience

​The secret to creating what you want is NOT talent or who you know or having a big bank account. The secret is knowing how to work with your mind and emotions. The secret is owning what you want. The secret is having smart honest loving support. The secret is knowing how to begin again when you get waylaid by life!

As a writer and author who has made her living by writing and teaching for 27 years, I know about the brass tacks of learning your craft, putting yourself out there, taking risks, and paying the bills - and I talk about all that stuff.  

And I also know that what goes on in the inside can be the difference between creative depression and joyful creative expression. Between success that feeds you and dreams that drain you.

I will help you take care of the inside and the outside so you can become the creator you want to be - and keep creating consistently and with more joy. Amen!

Join for a Small Commitment:
$​59/mo $29/mo for a limited time!

How much is keeping your creative desires in a locked drawer costing you?

How much is putting everything else before your own creative work costing you? 

How many people are missing out because you keep not daring to share your voice?

​How many more times are you going to think 'why bother?' to honor your desires before it's too late and there's no more time?

I’d love to help you create the life you want, week after week.

​I'd love to help you go from 'why bother?' to 'why not?'
and continuously create your heart's desires.

“I heard about the Oasis at a time of major life change. I had recently retired and felt adrift. There was a desire to connect, to feel more alive and to explore my creative longings. The idea of checking in with myself weekly and doing some self-reflective journaling appealed to me, but was not something I wanted to do on my own. I felt the need for guidance and inspiration.

The Oasis experience was more than I had imagined and I found myself looking forward to our weekly check-ins. The power and support of the group, the depth of experience, inspiration, enthusiasm and permission that Jen brought was impressive and life-changing for me.

After experiencing the Oasis over a period of about a year, I feel stronger, more self-aware, more at peace; I notice that I am kinder to myself and others, and I feel hopeful about being able to create and feel more confident that I can contribute something authentic and meaningful to life, to my community. I am interested in so many things now, and I’m putting myself out there more often.

It really is hard to put into words, but my life feels deeper and richer. Before the Oasis, I felt like I had put myself into a small, restrictive box, and after the Oasis, I feel a sense of blossoming freedom and an openness to possibility. I feel more engaged with life and I’m learning to honor my desires and yearnings and allow them to guide me toward deeper fulfillment. What an adventure this has been, and more to come!”

Christine Webb
Retired from fundraising for a non-profit hospital foundation

“I love the community aspect in a lot of the above suggestions; even if I don't make the most of the community I think knowing you are all out there is a good for the soul! The word that came up for me first was "space" - maybe because carving out space for me, my creativity, my passions, my desire is what I struggle with most at this point in life. So I loved the suggestion above as a 'sanctuary'!"

Alison McCants
Supporter Care Manager at Prostate Cancer

The Oasis is a haven for the soul. If you've always wanted a group of people to meet with on a regular basis who not only gets you, but helps you get yourself, the Oasis is for you. The Oasis is a chance to remember who you are and accept that, wherever you are. All material is available at our convenience, so you may partake some, all, go back to ideas that resonated, or go onward to hear something new. If you are creative and need support for that crazy high wire walk we do to bring forth our work, the Oasis is your balance rod.

Elise Kress
Owner at Celtic Music for Your Wedding

Oasis Member - Cindy Shellito

Oasis Member - Paulette Rees-Denis

Who is Jen?

Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the concept of self-care with her first bestseller, The Woman’s Comfort Book. Since then, she’s written seven additional books on well-being and whole living, including The Woman’ s Retreat Book and The Life Organizer, with close to a million copies of her books in print in nine languages. Jennifer has spoken around the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and has written a national magazine column for a Martha Stewart magazine. She’s been profiled or quoted in dozens of major magazines; two of Brené Brown’s books, Daring Greatly and Dare to Lead; and appeared on hundreds of TV, radio shows and podcasts—even on Oprah.

Her newest and most personal book Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next will be published on May 5, 2020.

Jennifer has been teaching workshops and retreats since 1992 and creating vibrant online learning experiences since 1999. She writes weekly to her email list of 20,000 and hosts an online community of over 600 members. She lives in Boulder County, Colorado.

What Others Have Asked Before
Joining The Weekly Oasis

“I don’t need another PROGRAM – and I swore I wouldn’t sign up for another one. How is this different from all of the other programs gathering dust on my hard drive?”

“How much time do I need to allot each week?”

“Is there a money-back guarantee?”

“I’m decidedly not New Age – will this be?”

“I’m also decidedly not a woman. Am I allowed to join?”

“What if I have a question you didn’t answer?”

​"Is the content based on your book 'Why Bother?'"

See What Others Have Said
About The Weekly Oasis

“The Oasis is helpful to me mainly because of Jen's honesty about the rigors of the creative process. She tells it like it is - how it can be joyful and exhilarating and the next day, dreadful and exhausting. This helps me feel not so alone with my changing circumstances (I feel ready to give up and then like I never want to give up) as I begin my second career as a memoir writer. Most of the special guests provide information that I use so I try to make time to be there live and if not I listen to the recording. I love the Oasis!”

Nicola Mendenhall

“I have been a member of the Oasis for a few years now and I LOVE it. I love the meditations and the encouragement you give ‘to keep showing up for ourselves’ and all your juicy ideas and tools. I've been behind lately so on Monday I decided to listen to 20 mins of a call (that I’ve missed), each morning, and do the meditation or love note and a few prompts, and it has been working really well. It helps me focus for the day and I have been getting good pieces of work done :) I’m always struck by the perfect timing of when I listen to your calls. They are always EXACTLY what I need to hear or work on that day! Thank you!" 

Bethany Chamberlain

"I have been a part of the Oasis since it started several years ago. The Oasis offers me a mini retreat from the comfort of my own home, that I can listen to at a time that's convenient for me. It provides a space for me to simply be with myself - to touch in with what's real for me in this moment, to connect with what's stirring inside wanting to be brought to life, where I want to put my energy, and what's realistic given the life that is happening for me right now. In this space I feel held. I feel safe to inquire, explore, and discover as I deepen my relationship with ME! I find support to be exactly where I am and encouragement to keep moving forward.”

Barb Klein
Inspired Possibility | life coach, retreat leader, and author of 111 Invitations

“Jen, it’s hard to put into words the benefit of working with you in the Oasis. There is a profound difference between the OHMYGODIHAVESO MUCHTODOIN SOLITTLETIME approach from last year and the experience I just had with my work in Nepal – we completed the biggest art order we have ever had, launched our sanitary pad industry, trialed several new jewelry designs, learned a heap of new techniques, meditated together, and did our regular polymer stuff! Yet is all felt so easy and natural and flowing! Even in the run up to this trip, I noticed I was more calm.

The weekly Oasis sessions helped me to establish a Sunday night Thinking about the Week ahead that is a whole lot more nourishing and choice empowering than making a To-Do list. The chance to tap into my desires for the week ahead, the experiences I wanted or needed, the flavours – it was amazing!”

Wendy Moore
Artist, activist, creativity evangelist, and world traveler

“The weekly question of ‘What one step can I take?’ that Jen offers at the end of each call has been a life-changer! It has truly helped me move toward creating the life that I want. I have gotten so much more accomplished using this tool – both in jobs that needed doing, but also in putting self-care into my weekly planning. My new mantra is ‘Just one small step.’

I looked forward to our Friday morning ‘gatherings’ – I grabbed my journal, often lit a candle, and closed the door. I did not feel resistance to showing up for the calls. That said, I had plenty of resistance to following through with the things I was learning! Taking time for my self-care has been the biggest challenge. Again, Jen’s modeling, her honesty and authenticity helped me recognize my resistance AND remind myself that I could return ‘home to myself’ again and again…and again. The more I have practiced this, the easier it’s gotten.

The check-ins with Jen and the community take me further than I could go on my own. I will be forever grateful!”

Patty Christensen
Former Head of School, Bainbridge Island

“I love the Oasis for its poetry, prompts, and wisdom, the weekly checking in and reminders to take care of my hungers and desires, which I am prone to tend to after everything else (which often means not at all).”

Angela Kelsey
Speaker and activist | AngelaKelsey.com

“I like being part of The Oasis. I love being reminded to check in with myself, the delicious poetry Jen shares, being part of thoughtful women seekers, and being reminded to always begin again. I had been stuck for a long time.

The Oasis helps me figure out what I really want and how to inch there. I'm grateful. It's a bit like weekly hugs between good friends, as well as modeling for me how to be a good friend to myself too.”

Laurie Sanders-Cannon

“I usually call it an Online Community. Actually, I blogged about it and here's what I said: One of the best investments I ever made was to join Jennifer Louden's online community, The Oasis. It's a website full of resources for writers, both on the craft and practice of writing.”

Meg Denges Faulkner

“Curiosity is what brought me to the Oasis, and I stay for the recurring wave of self-compassion, care, and reflection. The permission to ask for what I need and want. The knowing that I am enough, and I can set what that Enough is (mega point here!)... Jen is full of awareness and authenticity as a creative and as a creator. She knows her genius and knows her faults. She trusts her creative thread and is on a wild mission to question it, squeeze it, twist it and milk it in new ways, like a toothpaste tube that is finished but never, really… She brings all the senses to the table, and always surprises with a detail or two as sharp and as focused as a needle. As a creative myself, I love seeing her inspiring process of constant renewal.”

Monicka Clio Sakki
Creativity Architect + Brand Strategist | monickacliosakki.com