where writers, journalers & creatives go to get their scary sh*t done

You Know How the Call to Create & to Write Can Be so Profound and Wonderful... and Also Terrifying and Paralyzing All at Once?

And how, sometimes, creating - a book, a business, a life - can feel like one of the loneliest and most pointless pursuits in the world? Like why bother?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place where you could get the encouragement, love, insight and learning you need to become all that you dream of becoming?

That's The Writer's Oasis.

Members of The Writer's Oasis create more, write more, share their voices more, and get their scary sh*t done with self-compassion and a good dose of humor.

It’s where YOU can write your best story and live your best life.

“Until I joined the Writer’s Oasis, writing my first book
was a lonely journey. While my friends and family were
excited for me to become a published author,
I wasn’t connected with people who truly understood
all the emotions that arise during the writing process.

Jen masterfully provides a safe container to honor
my scary emotions, yet she compassionately
nudges me to get my sh*t done.”

- Christine Rosas | Author | ChristineRosas.com

Write & Create More

Declare your creative, business and writing projects and map out human-scaled plans to get your important work done while living a good life.

Share Your Voice More

Get the boost and support you need to share your voice - whether that’s publishing your work, taking a stand for a cause, or speaking up in your relationship. Grow the courage to be seen even when it’s scary.

Get Yor Scary Sh*t Done

Understand and dissolve the fear, doubts, quitting and self sabotage that prevent you from claiming and living in your creative sweet spot.

How It Works

The Weekly Oasis

Every Friday I dive with you into a new theme in the audio retreat that I deliver straight to your inbox – from taking risks to speaking up for yourself to sticking it out to knowing when to quit and so much more.

I also circle back to regular themes and threads to help you keep track of self-care, create and maintain supportive creative habits, keep shadow comforts in check, and so much more. I’m like a personal writing + life coach delivered in a fun weekly retreat.

With meditations, rituals, poetry and my super famous “trickster prompts” you’ll discover answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Spend 30 to 45 minutes with this audio and your life - and your creative work - will be transformed.

Try Out a Weekly Oasis Audio Below!

Surprise Motivations

Every month, I offer a motivation to help you get your scary sh*t done and stay in action on what you really care about.

It might be a challenge to cut down on social media or Begin Again on a healthy habit or enjoy a Desire Retreat or Say Yes to something new every day for a week… sometimes we will have a live community event to get motivated and support each other, sometimes a daily check in via our Facebook page or private forum, sometimes a special video... but whatever it is, it will always help you keep getting your creative projects done!

Writing Support

At The Writer’s Oasis we all write and some of us want to publish, to write for others, and to finish books or collections of stories and essays.

Every week, I offer you support to do just that in the weekly audio retreats and every month I create something you ask for. Maybe it’s help on one aspect of structuring a memoir, or how to get started on an overwhelming project, how to organize your work, how to write for your coaching business.

Sometimes we’ll work together live, sometimes with a guest teacher, or via a carefully curated list of best resources. I’ll listen to your input and craft teachings and guidance that help you meet your writing goals, month after month.

These sessions will inspire great ideas and forward momentum on your projects! Whatever it is you want, you will make it happen with the support of me and our vibrant writing community.

A Peek Inside The Writer's Oasis

Get a backstage pass to
The Writer's Oasis.

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What Makes The Writer's Oasis So Different?

When it comes to writing, some teachers take a very linear and content specific approach. For example, they teach you story structure so you can structure your story better. Yes, you must learn structure. You must also learn how to develop characters, how to build curiosity, and how to craft better sentences. Among other things.  

But what you ALSO must learn is how to value your own writing voice, how to confidently share your own stories, and how to embody the courage, self-compassion, and self-acceptance necessary to create really great pieces of writing. 

Because great writing always starts on the inside… no matter what your genre.

That’s why each week, and month, I share the practical and the spiritual, the inner and the linear. I’ll teach you how to chunk down your work AND how to improve your emotional immune system so that when you begin to doubt your path, you won’t check out.

I’ll teach you how to map out the steps for your next writing or creative project AND how to publish your work even when you don’t feel ready. I’ll teach you how to test your ideas AND how to deal with time monsters and shadow comforts.


As a writer and author with 30 years of experience, I know how important the brass tacks of writing are. But I also know that what goes on in the inside can be the difference between obscurity and notoriety. And between creative depression and creative expression. I will help you take care of the inside and the outside so you can become the writer you’ve always wanted to be.

“Jennifer Louden has the clarity to see through the smoke screens we use to avoid the true challenges of our lives and our age, the courage to face those challenges herself, and the compassion to help us all face them with her – as a teacher, a guide and a friend. I’ve learned so much from Jen about the essential connection between creativity and change, between savoring and serving."

Marianne Elliott
Author, Human Rights Lawyer,
Activist and Writer | marianne-elliott.com

Jennifer Louden possesses all the qualities I admire as a teacher and a writer. She is fearless about sharing both her wisdom and her vulnerability. She is smart as a whip and employs that intelligence in your service. She listens to her students and her readers with all her heart. Her intention is to serve, serve, serve. She is also incredibly fun to be around! Whenever I am on the receiving end of her work, I am left feeling stronger, kinder, and more fiercely committed to my own path.

Susan Piver
NYT Best-Selling Author & Meditation Teacher | SusanPiver.com

Here's what our Oasis members are saying....

Oasis Member - Paulette Rees-Denis

Oasis Member - Cindy Shellito 

My Heartfelt Promise to You

You know that being planful about your writing, your creativity and your well-being are essential. And that taking the time to reconnect with your truest desires and the full thread of your life is vital to living the life that only you can live. 

My guess is you’ve done all of that before. And it worked. Until you stopped doing it… because life got busy. Or something “more important” or more dire got in your way. Or you fell back into the habit of putting everybody else’s before your own creative work.

Totally normal! Owning your own creative projects takes a lot of faith and support. It’s really really difficult to do it alone. So why would you?  

In The Writer’s Oasis, we practice the art of beginning again - to focus on our writing, our creative expression, our desires. We lean on the audios and each other to help us remember: our creative work matters!  

Each and every day I, and this phenomenal circle of women, will show up for you so you can always show up for yourself and stay on your own side. So you can write and live from a spirit of compassionate grit.  

For the price of less than one class a month (two if you live in a small town or buy a season pass :), you’ll be inspired, reminded, galvanized, and supported as you write more, publish more and get your scary sh*t done… in human-scaled and joyful ways.

Join for a Small Commitment: $39/mo

How much is keeping your creative desires in a locked drawer costing you?

How much is putting everything else before your own creative work costing you? How is talking yourself out of submitting your writing or publishing on your blog or exhibiting your paintings costing you? How many people are missing out on what you have to teach and share because you keep not becoming the full person you desire to become?  

Keeping your work unwritten inside of you - or hidden when you want to connect - can start to feel like a horrible weight of disappointment and sadness and yes, creative depression. 

I have been there, my friend, and I am on a mission to help you never be there again. 

Please know you can write with more ease, you can live with more verve, you can make friends with and even, sometimes, silence the mean voices in your head. You can create work that matters to you!  

And I’d love to help you make that happen. 

I’ll teach you how to map out the steps for your next writing or creative project AND how to publish your work even when you don’t feel ready. I’ll teach you how to test your ideas AND how to deal with time monsters and shadow comforts.  

As a writer and author with 30 years of experience, I know how important the brass tacks of writing are. But I also know that what goes on in the inside can be the difference between obscurity and notoriety. And between creative depression and creative expression. 

I will help you take care of the inside and the outside so you can become the writer you’ve always wanted to be. 

“The Writer's Oasis is one of the best support structures I have ever invested in. Not least because it's *not* a programme, it's about learning to develop a strong loving self-compassionate relationship with myself. Every week there's a call to listen to with writing prompts, that allows me to sink down and truly recognise and acknowledge my own beautiful messy humanity, whilst also assembling a "human-size" plan - what Jen calls the "pots" - based on the reality of my own energy levels and bandwidth.

It helps me to complete projects as opposed to leaving them half done. The community is one of lively, interested, authentic women who are an inspiration. The hour or so I spend every Sunday with the Writer's Oasis calibrates me for the coming week.”

Anne Walsh
Freelance IT trainer | the-excel-expert.com

What Others Have Asked Before
Joining The Writer's Oasis

“What if I’m not a writer with a capital W? Will this be relevant for me?”

“I don’t need another PROGRAM – and I swore I wouldn’t sign up for another one. How is this different from all of the other programs gathering dust on my hard drive?”

“How much time do I need to allot each week?”

"Are you going to help me get published?"

“Is there a money-back guarantee?”

“I’m not very tech savvy. Is the technology complicated?”

“I’m decidedly not New Age – will this be?”

“I’m also decidedly not a woman. Am I allowed to join?”

“Okay, speaking of men and women, who is this for exactly?”

“Is enrollment always open? When can I join”

“What if I have a question you didn’t answer?”

See What Others Have Said
About The Writer's Oasis

“In my experience, no one holds space more powerfully and tenderly than Jen Louden. That she can create this nourishing, caring space over a phone line is incredible. I joined the first Oasis at a time when I knew I needed a "container" for self-care. I was travelling frequently to take care of my ill father, who has since passed away. I needed a structure, a place, and support. I needed EXACTLY what Jen offered with the Oasis.

Spending time every week at the Oasis grounds me. For that one hour I am totally, completely with myself, exactly as I am. And I am not alone. Feeling accompanied and supported by Jen brings me tremendous peace and comfort. Choosing to join the Oasis, for me, was not about accomplishing a goal or project. It was about choosing to make my self-care a priority.

I have grown in my self-awareness through the Oasis, and I have been supported through grieving the loss of my father and coping with a serious illness of another family member. I am so very, very grateful.”

Anne Vincent
Community Development Consultant

“Joseph Campbell asked, ‘Where is your bliss station?’ — where you can step outside of practical life and enter the country of your soul. You return with gifts of magic and meaning.

Jennifer Louden’s work is a Bliss Station."

Justine Musk

“Curiosity is what brought me to the Oasis, and I stay for the recurring wave of self-compassion, care, and reflection. The permission to ask for what I need and want. The knowing that I am enough, and I can set what that Enough is (mega point here!)... Jen is full of awareness and authenticity as a creative and as a creator. She knows her genius and knows her faults. She trusts her creative thread and is on a wild mission to question it, squeeze it, twist it and milk it in new ways, like a toothpaste tube that is finished but never, really… She brings all the senses to the table, and always surprises with a detail or two as sharp and as focused as a needle. As a creative myself, I love seeing her inspiring process of constant renewal.”

Monicka Clio Sakki
Creativity Architect + Brand Strategist | monickacliosakki.com

"In these days of information overload, there are certain voices I return to over and over again for their honest, clarity and vision. Jen Louden is one of these voices.”

Flora Bowley
Painter, author and teacher

"For one hour a week, I join women all over the world in a virtual circle and tune into myself… nurture myself, support myself, better understand myself, and encourage myself in a safe and sacred shared space. From this I gleaned solace, peace, connection, and creative inspiration. Priceless!”

Barb Klein
Life coach, retreat leader, and author

“I heard about the Oasis at a time of major life change. I had recently retired and felt adrift. There was a desire to connect, to feel more alive and to explore my creative longings. The idea of checking in with myself weekly and doing some self-reflective journaling appealed to me, but was not something I wanted to do on my own. I felt the need for guidance and inspiration.

The Oasis experience was more than I had imagined and I found myself looking forward to our weekly check-ins. The power and support of the group, the depth of experience, inspiration, enthusiasm and permission that Jen brought was impressive and life-changing for me.

After experiencing the Oasis over a period of about a year, I feel stronger, more self-aware, more at peace; I notice that I am kinder to myself and others, and I feel hopeful about being able to create and feel more confident that I can contribute something authentic and meaningful to life, to my community. I am interested in so many things now, and I’m putting myself out there more often.

It really is hard to put into words, but my life feels deeper and richer. Before the Oasis, I felt like I had put myself into a small, restrictive box, and after the Oasis, I feel a sense of blossoming freedom and an openness to possibility. I feel more engaged with life and I’m learning to honor my desires and yearnings and allow them to guide me toward deeper fulfillment. What an adventure this has been, and more to come!”

Christine Webb
Retired from fundraising for a non-profit hospital foundation

“Jen, it’s hard to put into words the benefit of working with you in the Oasis. There is a profound difference between the OHMYGODIHAVESO MUCHTODOIN SOLITTLETIME approach from last year and the experience I just had with my work in Nepal – we completed the biggest art order we have ever had, launched our sanitary pad industry, trialed several new jewelry designs, learned a heap of new techniques, meditated together, and did our regular polymer stuff! Yet is all felt so easy and natural and flowing! Even in the run up to this trip, I noticed I was more calm.

The weekly Oasis sessions helped me to establish a Sunday night Thinking about the Week ahead that is a whole lot more nourishing and choice empowering than making a To-Do list. The chance to tap into my desires for the week ahead, the experiences I wanted or needed, the flavours – it was amazing!”

Wendy Moore
Artist, activist, creativity evangelist, and world traveler

“The weekly question of ‘What one step can I take?’ that Jen offers at the end of each call has been a life-changer! It has truly helped me move toward creating the life that I want. I have gotten so much more accomplished using this tool – both in jobs that needed doing, but also in putting self-care into my weekly planning. My new mantra is ‘Just one small step.’

I looked forward to our Friday morning ‘gatherings’ – I grabbed my journal, often lit a candle, and closed the door. I did not feel resistance to showing up for the calls. That said, I had plenty of resistance to following through with the things I was learning! Taking time for my self-care has been the biggest challenge. Again, Jen’s modeling, her honesty and authenticity helped me recognize my resistance AND remind myself that I could return ‘home to myself’ again and again…and again. The more I have practiced this, the easier it’s gotten.

The check-ins with Jen and the community take me further than I could go on my own. I will be forever grateful!”

Patty Christensen
Former Head of School, Bainbridge Island

"One of the things I love about The Writer’s Oasis is the flexibility. Over the years, I’ve considered joining this or that workshop or writing intensive or program – and on occasion, I have. But periods of intense writing and sharing, followed by a complete drop-off in community after the end of the program, has not worked for me.

The Writer’s Oasis provides me with some consistency – not just in my work and my writing, but in all areas of life… What surprises me most about The Writer’s Oasis, are what comes through my pen from the writing prompts Jen gives us that seem WAY out there. I may not always understand her prompts, but they let me needle deep into my soul sometimes, to tease out something I’ve been tossing around in my subconscious.

As an academic, and a scientist, I always have a tendency to want to be hyper-organized and ultra-orderly. But life is chaos abound! The Writer’s Oasis prompts me to spend time each week with what IS, and I’ve noticed my tolerance for chaos and loose-ends has risen.”

Cindy Shellito
Climate scientist, educator, and writer

“I love the Oasis for its poetry, prompts, and wisdom, the weekly checking in and reminders to take care of my hungers and desires, which I am prone to tend to after everything else (which often means not at all).”

Angela Kelsey
Speaker and activist | AngelaKelsey.com

“I like being part of The Writer’s Oasis. I love being reminded to check in with myself, the delicious poetry Jen shares, being part of thoughtful women seekers, and being reminded to always begin again. I had been stuck for a long time.

The Writer’s Oasis helps me figure out what I really want and how to inch there. I'm grateful. It's a bit like weekly hugs between good friends, as well as modeling for me how to be a good friend to myself too.”

Laurie Sanders-Cannon

“Every now and then, life brings you a precious gift that keeps on giving. One of those gifts for me is Jennifer Louden.

Jen’s exuberant spirit, disarming vulnerability and eloquent pen (keyboard) make up a powerful and effervescent surprise in every blog post, book page and speech. A stellar human with a great big heart, any moment with Jen and her words is a golden treasure.”

Laura Berman Fortgang
Coach, best-selling author and political activist

"It took me a while to join The Writer’s Oasis because I figured it would feel like something else I have to get done. It hasn't been like that at all -- I feel very free to fit it in where I can, and just use the parts that work for me. I find that the Oasis meets me in a very gentle, practical and specific place that helps my whole week go better. There is so much permission here to do things incrementally and that, in my experience, is the ONLY way things actually change or move forward. One of the most unexpected results I’ve had from playing at The Writer’s Oasis is that my to-do lists are shorter than they used to be. Somehow, I've started getting things done more easily, and spending less time listing the things I think I should do later. It's disorienting, but wonderful and reassuring, and I think I can blame it on you and The Writer’s Oasis.

There are so many wonderful things about the Oasis! I love the poems. I love the planning. I love that it creates a place in my week where I think about myself, and how I'm doing, and how I want to live in the upcoming days. In the lightest way possible. I also love how sometimes the writing prompts don't inspire me, and other times I find myself writing exactly -- exactly! -- what I need to understand, and I'm moved to tears that I can still use writing to listen to my own soul, that I can still sometimes find the words that evoke all the layers of meaning and beauty that I meant to convey. It reminds me that I am a writer, and that writing is always there for me.

The Oasis has been such a gentle, light-hearted gift that is there for me every week, and helps me feel just a bit more sane, a bit more effective, and a bit more creative as I move through my days. Over weeks and months it adds up to moving forward in place I've felt stuck before, writing more than I used to, and speaking my mind more readily. It's really been wonderful. Thank you!"