Savor & Serve Love Lights for August

Sep 1, 2012

Here is what I noticed in August:

  1. A wilder calling to yet uncharted place that requires silence as my teacher.
  2. Make art or my soul crinkles up like the old carrots in the crisper.
  3. Self-trust result in asking for what I want — and getting it. I don’t have to compromise right out of the gate!
  4. Choosing boldly changes everything. Don’t second guess so much.
  5. Staying nose-to-nose with my felt experience — rather than trying to figure things out with my head — leads me true. Just requires me to slow the heck down.
  6. Framing things as “get to do” rather “have to do” works tiny miracles.
  7. Teenagers really do make going to college easier by being awful before they go.
  8. 10 minutes a day of novel writing adds up.
  9. 10 minutes of anything a day adds up.
  10. 10 minutes is a very little bit of time — nothing to be afraid of.

A Journaling Practice for You

I was reading over my notebook from the last month or so, and I spotted a few of these juicy insights. “Oh,” I thought, “I didn’t remembered that.”

True enough, right? We have insights and they get stuck in the amber of our journals.

De-amber your wisdom right now. Hit reply, take out my email address, put in yours, and write yourself a list of 10 things you learned in the last month. Simple and basic is good.

Hit send. Keep in your email box to remind you when you filter through to answer emails. Simple. Works.

Lovely News Bits

Michele and I offering TeachNow again in September. You can try it for free on September 19th. Go here to learn more.

In October, I’ll open the How to Start Your Own Mastermind class again. It will include live calls and a stand-alone how-to program + Facebook group to meet up with possible members. Details end of September.

I birthed some bliss — a guided “Shero’s Journey” blissitation for Entheos. It’s mythic. Read more here.

July Blog Love Lights

Three great posts from this month.

I’m Not Liking Myself and I’m Not Doing Anything About It
If you ever find yourself not liking yourself, put down the self-improvement and take a nap.

The Art of Pre-Grieving
Crying is good for your soul’s complexion.

Have Lunch with Your Enemy
DOOR NUMBER 1: Dismiss her as ignorant and murmur something inane to change the subject.
DOOR NUMBER 2: Get righteous. (“Believe! I don’t believe. I have facts!”)
DOOR NUMBER 3: Remain curious and soft.

And the most popular post was:
Stop the Cycle of Over-Providing

What I’m Reading & Watching

I’m taking this playful chock e-course starting September 3rd: Reconnect: Get Unstuck and Find Your Magic.

I’m reading The Recognitions by William Gaddis. My friend Patti Digh made me try it. It’s so heavy, it’s dangerous. And there is something transcendent there although I only understand about every other sentence. On every other page.


What excuse or outmoded way of seeing yourself needs to be flushed down the toilet right this very minute so you can be here, head held high, grinning into life’s teeth?

Shall we all flush together?

1, 2, 3, whoosh!

Love Well and Hug Hard,

Jenny Be

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