Your Life Organizer Sanity Support Kit Awaits You!

Nov 26, 2013

I’m having the hardest time sitting still and my face hurts from my big ole’ grin.

Here’s the scoop: in June my editor Georgia called to tell me New World Library is bringing out my last book, The Life Organizer in paperback – they love the book and want to give it a renewed life. Isn’t that so kind? NWL is the best!

Of course, I got to thinking how I could spread the word and support you in truly using the book? Hmmmm…

My first thought: Can we make an app for that?

My research quickly revealed app building is way beyond my budget ($7,000 to $25,000) But then the wonderful Katie Benedetto Jones at Critter & Co. reached out to me and we came up with a plan to take her existing app and customize it. Weeeee!

But I couldn’t stop at an app (some of you aren’t app people for one thing) so I created The Life Organizer Sanity Support Kit which includes:

  • Printable planners with the Life Organizer questions (formatted in two different sizes so you can journal your stories your way)
  • A series of inspiring emails to tempt you back to yourself (so good and even fairly funny)
  • A live class on Shadow Comforts & Time Monsters with special guest Rachel Cole (custom help for more awareness and less numbing)

All of this is my gift to you with my great gratitude. And I would love it LOVE IT if you would pre-order the paperback book for yourself or as a gift – it makes the best gift because it’s funny, beautiful, and really helpful AND because the Sanity Support Kit really only works if you have the book.

Can’t afford the book? Go ahead, grab the Sanity Support Kit and get the book from the library.  Then please consider sharing the kit & book by going to this page and hitting one of the social media buttons or sending the link ( via email to a few buddies. Books really only sell through word of mouth so any help is truly precious.

So much love and gratitude for our connection, and if you are in the U.S., may your holiday weekend be filled with authentic connection, love, and sanity for all.



P.S. Go within and listen. Act on what you discover, not because you’re infallible but because you trust yourself. (Click to Tweet!)

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