15 Radical Ways to Get Unstuck

Oct 23, 2012

15 radical ways to get unstuck from whatever feels sticky.

Some contradict. But of course.

1:: Decide that whatever is stuck will never change.

It is here and not going anywhere. Surrender to it. Court it – how can you fall in love with it? How can you open to it as your guide? (Note: this will not work if part of you is still trying to fix it. You got to be all in.)

2:: Forgive yourself for everything you believe lead you to this stuck place.

Get granular with your list and your forgiveness.

3:: Prove to someone you are stuck – find someone rigorous but loving.

How would your person know you were stuck? Stick with just the facts, no story. He or she can keep asking for clarification of proof you are stuck.

4:: Go into a room with nothing for 3 days.

Nothing to read, no Internet, minimal food distractions. No chocolate. Be with the stuck. Roll around in it. Stare at it. Stay with it.

5:: Fire everyone you currently pay to help you.

Make an art installation (nod to the luminous Rachel Bagby for that idea) of all the binders and books telling you what you should do to fix this. No new courses or coaches for a clearly specified period of time.

6:: Go off the interwebs for one month.

Meditate during the time you would be on line.

7:: Hire the best and put your entire attention on solving this stuck.

Everything else in your life is secondary to solving this. You will stop at nothing.

8:: Keep an action journal in which you write down the actions you take everyday to get unstuck.

So if getting out of back pain is your stuck, note every single thing you do to get out of pain. Do this with a partner and review journals weekly.

9:: Write your story of stuck from 3 points of view.

First, in 2nd person (“you climbed the stairs”) only the you that is speaking is the stuckness – the stuckness talks. Second, write from the POV of an omniscient narrator – the voice of God or the one who sees and knows all. Finally, from first person, from your point of view. Let each story unfold in its own unique way. Each one will probably be very different.

10:: Do a Board of Your Life from Tanya Geisler.

11:: Build an altar to your stuck and worship at every day for a month.

Do not abandon it even when you want to tear it apart.

12:: Interview the stuckness. Let it answer with your non-dominant hand.

Questions to ask:

  • What is your name?
  • Where did you come from?
  • What gift do you have for?
  • Why do you love me so much?
  • How do you love me?
  • What do you need?
  • How can I help you get it?

13:: Go on a treasure hunt for people in history who were stuck the same way.

How did they use this stuckness as a gift? What did they do you want to be sure and not do? What did they do you might try?

14:: Go on a retreat with a wonderful guide.

I recommend Susan Piver, Hiro Boga and me.

15:: Every day declare to yourself, “No matter what I do and no matter how things turn out, I believe in myself.”

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