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Do you need heart and body restoration?

Of course you do, we all do, but sometimes we don’t recognize it until it’s too late… and we are burned to a crisp.

Don’t let that happen!  Instead, come to one of my retreats – they are among the best on the planet. Wow, that’s a bold claim. Okay, I can’t know that for a fact but what I do know is hundreds of women over 20+ years have told me “I have been to so many retreats and yours are the best.” Or “I went to another retreat lead by someone else after yours and it wasn’t the same.”

Like Tammy:

Tammy-Roth-125“This was hands down the best retreat I’ve ever been on. As a retreat junkie and leader, watching/experiencing how Jen held space and boundaries in such a gentle, loving way was very inspiring. I’ve always been a firm believer in no cross talk or fixing but I never connected that it created SAFETY (duh!). It was also very comforting and inspiring to see that Jen really walks her talk on retreating, self care and being authentic.

Her loving, open presence and gentle boundaries create a safe container to dive deeper into personal exploration of self and writing. The focus on the body through morning dance and afternoon yoga was also key to opening me up to deeper realms. It was a beautiful blend of true personal retreat combined with exploring writing. I learned a lot about the craft of writing but I didn’t feel beat over the head with teaching. I left transformed.”

– Tammy Roth, Best-selling Author of
High Bottom: Letting Go of Vodka & Chardonnay
, Therapist, Retreat Leader

Or Mary:

Mary-Montanye-125“Jen is one of those special individuals who not only wears a cloak of many colors, but utilizes her colorful cloak to warm others. She is a gifted teacher and storyteller, two talents that shine brightly when she’s leading a women’s retreat. She is honest and vulnerable and real, characteristics she openly displays so that we can be more of those things, too.

Besides being a great storyteller and teacher, she is also a master retreat leader. Heck, she wrote the book on it! She knows what a woman needs when she goes on retreat. She knows we need community and solitude, rest and activity, laughter and silence, attention to body and mind. She understands that we need a safe container, comfortable surroundings, good nourishing food we don’t have to prepare, and permission to put outside commitments aside for awhile in order to dive deeper into our creative work. For as long as I am able and she is offering them, I will be giving myself the gift of Jen Louden retreats. Will you?”

– Mary Montanye, author of Above Tree Line: A Memoir

Or Melani:

melani-ward-125“Your retreat was the most wonderful, needed, joyful, mindful and juicy ‘event’ I have been to in 5 years. I felt the most taken care of and supported then I ever came close to feeling at others’ retreats and events. 

I am so grateful to you, to your work and to your spirit. Just in the short time I have known you, you have impacted me in profound ways and I feel lucky to have crossed your path.”

– Melani Ward, writer, educator and content creator

Or Jenn:

JennGivler-125“Going on your retreat was life altering; it was life saving. I had completely lost myself. I was overweight. I was an emotional eater. My energy was low. And very rarely was I ever actually ‘present.’ I always had this nagging feeling that I should be doing something else.
After just 1 year:

•  I’ve lost 40 (yes FORTY) pounds.
•  I’m doing the work I love.
•  I’m seeing incredible success serving people I love.
•  I’m fully in joy in every single area of my life.
•  I LOVE the present moments in my life.
•  The quality of time I spend with my daughter and family has improved dramatically.
•  I can honestly say ‘I’m Happy.’

Up until the retreat, it had been YEARS since I had taken any real me time. Jen, I can’t thank you enough for putting your work out in the world.”

– Jenn Givler, Executive Director Coatesville Senior Center

My retreats have changed thousands of women’s lives. Women have launched new careers, written books, staged art shows, gotten pregnant, and all kinds of s-heroic missions because they rested and listened to themselves.

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Jennifer-Spencer-125“Go on retreat with Jen.  There is laughter and quiet, wonderful people, some dancing, great food to nourish you, deep rest, and moments of both clarity and extreme hope.  It’s the best summer camp for grownups.  There may be a craft project (collage anyone?) but the best take away will be the one pithy little idea to bring home and ferment until next time.  Just go.”

– Jennifer Spencer, barrister


AmyKessel-125“You (Jen) have an incredible gift and you are so generous in sharing it with the rest of us. My Kripalu retreat with you a few years back is with me nearly every day.  I use what I discovered to fuel my work and to stay on my own side when i find myself beginning to stray. Please don’t doubt the incredible value of your retreats. They’re the gold standard.”

– Amy Kessel, executive coach and retreat leader


Joanna_Meriwether_200“Jen, I wish that I could show you the places in my mind you have opened, the places in my heart you have healed, the places in my spirit you have enlivened. I wish I could show you, because they are real, not tangible, but real.”

– Joanna Meriwether,

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I’ve helped a million+ people plumb the question: How do you shape & live your truest life?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.

I’ve helped a million+ people plumb the question: How do you shape & live your truest life?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.