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“Jennifer Louden shows you how to live with more courage and greater intention and how to embrace the truth that you are enough right now.”
Brené Brown, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly

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How Lowering Your Standards Leads to Greatness

There is a famous story in the writing world that I often tell at my retreats. It goes like this: the poet Bill Stafford was known for being prolific. The poet Robert Bly once asked him, “Bill, how do you manage to write so much?” According to writerly legend, Stafford cocked his head and, after […]

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What You Are Doing Matters

After the attacks in Lebanon and Paris, all the other violence the world experienced in the last week, and all the various reactions and counter reactions, amongst all that, I did not despair. Because I saw people everywhere responding to the horror in their own noble way. I saw people like you reading articles to better […]

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Deciding How and When to Quit

Last week I wrote about the power of staying with something and that made me think of one of my favorite columns I wrote for Body & Soul years ago—on quitting. It came to mind because nothing is black-and-white: sometimes we need to stay, sometimes we need to wake up and get out. Here’s that […]

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