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I’m all about wild-eyed wonder, compassionate grit & sacred courage to help you choose a life of beauty and meaning by staying true to yourself.

Join our sisterhood of compassionate sheros and together, let’s shape a world we love.

“Jennifer Louden shows you how to live with more courage and greater intention and how to embrace the truth that you are enough right now.”
Brené Brown, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly

my latest writing

13 Things I Learned in 13 Years of Teaching My Taos Writing Retreat

The sweet, salty sea air hit the back of my neck as the ferry shuddered out of Eagle Harbor. I took a sip of tea and two thoughts came to me: This was my last ferry ride to the airport before we move to Colorado… …and the second thought never arrived. I tensed, waiting for […]

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The Best Books and Other Things I’ve Read Lately

I am an inveterate reader. I travel with a stack of books, even just for the weekend. I do not understand people who get on a plane without two books and a New Yorker. I feel sad when I visit a town and can’t stop by the bookstore just to see what they recommend. I […]

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Sarah Selecky and Jen Talk Writing + Nitty Gritty Inspiration

I love love love finding fantastic resources to share with you. I hear regularly from you that it is one of the ways I serve you best – by turning you on to superb resources, wise teachers, and wonderful writers. Today I am sharing a little bit of all three of those via writer and […]

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I’ve helped a million+ people plumb the question: How do you shape & live your truest life?

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