• Ever feel restless and less than in love with your life?
  • Ever wonder if it’s good enough to be simply you, rather than a “rock star” or earning millions or hanging with the cool kids?
  • Ever feel bone tired by trying and striving, yet still want and even need to help the hurting world?
  • Ever wish you could find a better way to both slow down and take action, so your life is both one that you savor and one that better serves the world?
  • Ever feel you lost something essential somewhere along the line and the time to find it is now?

Me, too! Here is where I explore these and lots more “how do we make a good life?” topics, working to stay away from cute answers and far, far away from new age platitudes, and to instead articulate how to savor & serve a good enough life, in hopes that might help us sustainably salve our sweet ole world.

Twitter version: Self-love+world-love=will make you whole

(I’m not sure if that is true by the way but I know it has truth in it.)

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15 Things that Led Me to Here:

  • Canoed around the world when I was 27 (okay, that’s a lie but I did canoe over 300 miles on a north flowing river) with a Jungian analyst and a former rodeo star turned shaman. Top 10 experiences of my life.
  • Wrote six books on well-being and personal wisdom that have sold something like a million copies in 9 languages.
  • Led my first women’s retreat in the wilderness at 29. Made a lot of mistakes but had a blast.
  • Gave birth at home. Oh Lilly baby!
  • Studied ontological coaching at Newfield Network and fell in love with ontology.
  • Launched a big site at ComfortQueen.com in 2000 with over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and hundreds of contributors and a big on-line store. Made money.
  • Studied yoga and meditation since I was 12. Still consider myself a total newbie. And I am.
  • Wanted to be a filmmaker and moved across the U.S. to attend USC film school at 19. Almost killed me. Still love film madly and flirt with writing screenplays again.
  • Created popular licensed products including calendars and mugs people still ask for. Stopped because I didn’t like making stuff. Also because I didn’t want to run a business. Mainly because I didn’t know how to get support.
  • Have struggled with low grade illness much of my life. Never stop practicing wellness.
  • Found the good in the three years in which my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my husband with leukemia, my Dad had fatal heart attack while I was in Italy, husband left to find himself, and I lost a big contract as a national spokesperson on the same day my dear friend died tragically. Did I mention the cat getting eaten by coyotes?
  • Talked about self-kindness and women’s well-being on behalf of big brands like Real Networks, SC Johnson, and Procter & Gamble.
  • Wrote a regular column for Body&Soul magazine for three+ years and had a radio show on Martha Stewart’s Sirius network.
  • Worked my butt off to get on Oprah and then realized, walking off her stage, that I had sold myself out. Great life lesson.
  • Fell in love at 45. Brave enough to blend our families. Got hitched August 17th, 2013. More in love everyday. Total miracle.
  • Walk around astonished by life most of the time. Feel goofy for feeling this way. And love myself for being so goofy.

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