Why Bother?: Discover the Desire for What's Next


The most important question you’ll ever ask yourself. 

In Why Bother? personal-growth expert Jennifer Louden challenges you to open your mind, your heart, and your life by following where the question leads. Through reflection and stories from others, Jennifer demonstrates how to bother when it feels impossible or like too much work, whether after professional defeats, heartbreak, illness, or life-changing loss.

She shows why you must prioritize what’s calling you at any time of your life, especially when you’ve sidelined your dreams to raise kids, pay the rent, or take care of aging parents. And crucially, she shows you how tapping into your deepest desires can give you the energy to move forward—even when the world seems in such dire straits.

It’s time to reclaim the dignity and beauty of your desires.
It’s time to get your bother on.

"Chock-full of deeply vulnerable and courageous stories, Jennifer Louden's latest book helps you understand, first and foremost, that you're not alone. And that knowledge might be one of the biggest gifts, as she guides you to discovering your own answer to 'why bother?' A riveting book."

 – Karen Walrond

A Year of Daily Joy: A Guided Journal to Creating Happiness Every Day

This lush journal’s powerful prompts and quotes – organized by monthly themes like courage, authentic, and faith – along with stunning National Geographic photos will inspire mindfulness and joy into your daily life. Positivity in practice!

Wow…what a sublimely elegant beautiful book it is…thank you so very much!

I began to “put off” sending this thank you note until I could find the exact words to express my feelings of audacious joy which every image brings to me…the lady bug…the Rumi quote, and it’s only chapter one!

I’ve been naming and feeling appreciation for all the things I love and your book of joy is a delightful reminder of some of them…thank you, thank you, thank you, Jennifer. – Melanie Miller

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The Life Organizer Book: Tips, Stories, & Prompts to Focus on Your Needs & Navigate Your Dreams

If you’re like most women, you spend your days fulfilling commitments and juggling multiple roles, in a constant dance between everyone else’s needs and your own. If you’re exhausted by this over-striving, rushing, making-life-happen mode, don’t give up–there is a more intuitive, more grounded way to guide your life. Chuck your old methods of daily planning and try out The Life Organizer.

The Companion CD gives you personalized coaching to help you really use, and stay with, the process — it’s like Jen in a bottle.

I just have to tell you how much your book has impacted my life. I am a huge ‘journaler’ and ‘planner’ so my Franklin Covey Planner and my journal are in my purse at all times. To put them together into a Life Organizer that includes getting in touch with my heart and what my soul really wants is like a DREAM COME TRUE for me. Thank you for creating a system that integrates all three in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or like another “task” to do. I just love sitting down with your beautiful book and journaling answers to the insightful questions (which always seem to be the right ones for that exact moment). It is like a breath of fresh air and I love it!” –Kristen

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The Woman’s Comfort Book: A Self-Nurturing Guide for Restoring Balance in Your Life

Pioneering best-seller, the first book to talk about self-care and self-kindness – still as beloved today. Great place to start if self-care sounds like voodoo.

“During the time I was between jobs, I discovered “The Woman’s Comfort Book” As I flipped through the pages, reading lines here & there I noticed I was smiling. After purchasing the book, the first thing I did was make the list of things that made me happy. It was at that point I realized I wanted to pursue my dreams of being an artist. With my husbands support I chose not to go back into the workplace, but create in the comfort of our home. This book is a great destresser. When I take the time for myself, not only am I happy, but so is everyone around me. Almost 3 years later I have a growing business, love & support from my husband and children, but most of all I have learned a lot about myself and I am happier today than yesterday.” –Debbie Overton

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The Woman’s Retreat Book: A Guide to Restoring, Rediscovering, and Reawakening Your True Self — in a Moment, an Hour, a Day, or a Weekend

Retreat is a simple, affordable way to ‘get away from it all’, alone or with friends, and reconnect with yourself, whether you have ten minutes or a weekend. Yet retreating can be overwhelming, lonely and like “What do I do?” This book helps you through all that – you’ll be using it for years to come.

“A friend gave me The Woman’s Retreat Book and I followed it thoroughly. I am in the process of re-entry and I had to send you a thank you. This was one of the best retreats of my life, and I was able to breath, reflect, rest my mind/body/spirit, and I have been more relaxed at work. Why? Because I am thinking about myself and taking mini-breaks during the day to get my ‘centre’ calmed down. This has been a challenge for me in the past. I usually think of others always before myself. All of the executive coaching and organisational development that I have done for my clients, and all of the hands-on expertise that I have… none of this could replace the charge your book gave me.” –Shantelle, University of Oxford, UK

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The Couple’s Comfort Book: A Creative Guide for Renewing Passion, Pleasure, & Commitment

A compendium of creative, comforting, and sometimes kinky ideas to keep your relationship supercharged with sex, love, and friendship. Requires very little reading so men love it. Written in inclusive language for couples of all kinds, but of course.

“Your book is one we turn to again and again – 26 years of marriage takes work. Thanks for making it far more fun!” –Eric and Jill

Retail price $17.95

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