thetarotlady_theresareed2014When I needed coaching for my business and writing, I knew that I needed to hire Jen Louden.  Why Jen? It’s because she has boatloads of experience in both worlds and I knew she’d give me the tools I needed, not some fluff.

Jen is very straightforward but nurturing.  She patiently listened to my issues, guided me towards working through the stuck spots, and gave me the low-down on what I needed to do in order to accomplish my goals. With Jen’s guidance, I feel more confident and ready to kick my goals in the ass! If you are looking for solid business or writing support with someone who keeps it real, this is your gal. – Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady,

Jen Louden wows me as a coach. Compassionate, funny, relentless, and savvy, Jen distilled from my enterprise’s seemingly complicated situation elegant truths and tools that I implemented that day. All in one super-session! She can deftly guide start-ups and seasoned enterprisers alike. —Jeffrey Davis,

If you want one or more of the following (be greedy):

  • A chock-full strategy session to brainstorm products, book structure/content, platform, marketing, and what to do when.
  • A reverent, practical love–you-up during a bewildering (as in never been here before) life passage (from divorce to empty nest, from retirement to giving birth).
  • Unsticking for your: business, novel, self-help book, memoir, blog, service mission, relationship.
  • Shazam no bull insight into an established business aka “Everyone thinks I’m making a million $ a year but…” or “I’m not sure what I do anymore” or “I don’t want to do X anymore but it makes me all my money.”
  • To renew your seasoned teacher / writer  / artist platform and expand your audience getting with the digital times for more profit and world-changing influence.
  • To the point guidance when experiencing accelerated success (accelerated as in picking up steam, maybe getting overwhelmed, wondering what are your smartest moves here?) from someone who has been there.

If any of these describe you, then a No Holding Back Strategy Session is for you.

I am…

  • A best-selling (23+ years) writer (8 books, over a million copies in print in 9 languages), attended USC film school, wrote screenplays for a few years, have been a national magazine columnist, successful speaker, long time blogger, been on the web making money since 2000, a parent of a college student and a bonus mom to a graduating college bound son.
  • Teacher / Speaker / Preacher (created TeachNow & Life Navigation & have lead retreats + workshops + keynotes)
  • Entrepreneur (last straight job was 1985, never had any personal debt, retirement fully funded, grossed just over $300K in 2014)
  • Trained ontological coach (it’s all a story — what story do you want to tell?)
  • Finger on publishing and content creation world
  • Long time meditator and yogini
  • Dedicated student of love (Got remarried at 50!)

Everybody needs an outside pair of eyes from time to time — mine are loving and see deeply.

“We turned to Jennifer for coaching when we were in need of creative guidance while developing Jennifer’s compassion, creativity, and humor served as an inspiration to us when we felt cornered and stuck. We’re so grateful to have found Jen. She helped us move into a very blessed space in our personal and professional lives.” —Lauren Rosenfeld and James McMahon,

“The gift of a coaching session with Jen is a gift from the Goddess of Creative Self-Expression! Your thoughtful, challenging questions created a safe space in which I could get clear about what I uniquely have to offer as a writer and teacher. You generously offered practical insights, genuine encouragement, and tools to improve my marketing and teaching in ways that have made a real difference. I loved your openness about what is challenging for you, which allowed me to have more self-compassion for what I can and can’t accomplish right now. And it was just plain fun to talk with you. What a gift you give in being who you are!” —Dina Varano, therapist, teacher, writer

Who Do I Work Best With?

Smart, curious souls who think of themselves as creatives, especially writers, leaders, and teachers. You have a good sense of humor, who don’t suffer fools lightly, you have a spiritual orientation, and you love to serve—yourself and others. You like a loving honest approach free from harshness and new age babble.

Who Isn’t a Great Fit?

If you don’t know why you want a session or you want a session to tell you how to build a business, find a mate, and heal your life. If you want a session to be my friend. If you are in total life melt-down. If you want to earn a million dollars – by next Monday.  If you don’t like an energetic inspired fast talking mentor.

Your Session includes:

  1. A soulful questionnaire. Good stuff happens simply from pondering these questions. I will spend a few minutes before our session reading and meditating on your input.
  2. A seventy-five minute session via a phone bridge – details sent upon payment.
  3. An MP3 recording of the call sent via a downloadable link to you.
  4. The ability to book on going sessions with me a reduced rate.

“If I am confused, Jen brings me clarity.
If I am overwhelmed, Jen gently suggests simple action steps that calm me down and get me moving again.
If I am hesitant, Jen reminds me to use my cahoonas.
If I am scared, Jen comforts me by listening, hearing me, and reminding me to trust myself.
If I am holding back, Jen helps me see my way clear.

Bottom line, she helps me reach my goals — my second book was just accepted by a literary agent! PLUS she makes me laugh like hell. Her comforting, gentle way coupled with laser-like insights and action-oriented solutions produce powerful results.
Somehow she makes me, an uptight New Englander, all warm and fuzzy plus empowered and motivated.  Now how cool is that?”  –Rachel Egan, writer & coach

Booking Your Session

To secure your session (s):

  1. Click here and pay. A seventy-five minute session + recording is $378.
  2. Once your payment is complete you will receive an email with the next steps. 
  3. You will also receive a confirmation email (please click the link so that we can send you additional information) and the See Deep Questions via email, which you’ll ponder over and return to me two days before our call. These questions start the process. Allow it. If you don’t get these, please email!
  4. We dive deep, vibrate high, ground strong on the date and time you selected. Please arrive on time!
  5. You get an MP3 (download) which you will imbibe, again and again, as you are amazed by your personal brilliance and power.
  6. You make things happen.

Returning client? Click here.

“I feel a huge weight lifted and a lightness to my step. It’s been hard to ‘claim’ my ‘voice’ and I am so grateful for your helping me identify it, own it and put it out there more clearly. Your being able to ‘see’ and get to the heart of the matter helped me ‘see’ more clearly what I offer and to whom. I am very grateful.” —Karen Schachter,

“I have listened to the recording 2 times already today and am still trying to wrap my mind around my words. Thank you—it was brilliant.” —Sharon

“My life is completely different. Wow. I know it has to do with me being ready but Jen, you have made such a difference in what I see is possible and in helping me get there. Again, WOW.”  —Zoe

Are you ready for more? Tired of doing it alone?

Then let’s do it.


What if I want more than one session?
I very rarely work with people long term.  We can talk after your session to see if you really need long term coaching. I know some great coaches! If we are a good fit, I charge $200 an hour for on-going coaching.

What if I have questions for you before I feel comfortable booking?

Click on over here and scroll down, ask away, and I will get back to you.

“Jen, your clarity, kindness and generous support are soul food for me and my business. You place your brilliant strategic vision and practical wisdom in service to the soul’s deep desires. You do this in profoundly light-hearted ways, rooted in all the skill and power distilled from your own decades of experience as a best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. Working with you is a truly joyful privilege.” —Hiro Boga,


“I sought out Jen for business coaching because I wanted someone who could help me see things from a new perspective. Jen offered that in abundance with her characteristic warmth, enthusiasm, and presence. She has keen vision and helped me with some much-needed clarity. She was fully there for me during our time together, completely focused on how best to serve my needs in the session, offering up possibilities and encouragement, and has continued to be a valued source of support.” —Christine Valters Paintner, OblSB, PhD, REACE,

I’ve helped a million+ people plumb the question: How do you shape & live your truest life?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.