The Writer’s Comfort & Companionship Collection

(creative ways to work differently with your brain)

Do you ever struggle to start a writing project?

Or to return to the page after an absence?

To stay with an idea or project when you aren't sure it's working?

To write at all because your brain feels as stale as three-day-old glazed donuts?

Do you ever doubt you are really a writer?

Here’s the good news you can dine out on – all that noise simply means you are a writer!

Pinkie swear!

You simply need to learn how to work with your brain a bit differently.

Just a bit. No brain transplant needed. (Whew! More good news!)

I’ve worked with thousands of writers and creatives over 30 years and I’ve rarely met a creative who didn’t need to tweak how they worked.

How they think about their writing and how they get words on the page.

Plus I interview very successful writers and creators on my podcast Create out Loud all the time, and they all talk about the importance of learning how to work better for the way their brains function and the way their lives run.

That’s why I created this no-brain-transplant needed Writer’s Comfort and Companionship Collection.

Inside the collection you will find pep talks, writing companionship, and step-by-step processes to help you transform your most common moments of writing stuckness and fears while getting words on the page.

How to start with more ease

How to handle a bout of creative anxiety

How to wiggle free of brain freeze and nothing-to-say-itis

How to befriend the itty-bitty-shitty committee in your head

And more!

Every audio will help you tune into your creative truth more clearly and dial your brain to a more creative state.

There is no reason to suffer, no reason to believe you can’t write what you want.

Embrace the growth mindset, lean on my years of experience, and allow yourself this buffet of kind, sometimes funny, always useful support.

You can write something today with more ease and pleasure. For reals.

Grab your Writer’s Comfort and Companionship Collection now for only $27.

Hate it? No worries. I’m happy to refund your money (minus 3% to cover merchant fees) if you would please tell me what didn’t work for you. That way I can learn and improve.

Here’s to creating out loud what only you can create.