Tired of Pushing the Pause Button on Your Desires?

Or ignoring them entirely?

It’s time to hit PLAY!

Forget boot camps, life hacks, and beating yourself up for not getting stuff done…

Instead, here’s a digital care package to help you embrace who you are, get curious about what’s holding you back, and then map out a simple path for moving forward to what you really want (even if you’re not sure what that is yet!).

From Best-Selling Author and Creative Mentor Jen Louden…

Your Procrastination Survival Kit:

Simple Strategies for Getting (Even Scary) Stuff Done

Support for Making Progress Toward your Truest, Healthiest, Most Creative Life

Your Procrastination Survival Kit is a compendium of informative audios and unique and simple exercises, this concise Survival Kit will help you go deeper in pinpointing your procrastination tendencies, and then create an elegant strategy for working past them. The result: You’re consistently able to show up and create — even when you don’t feel like it!

“This kit includes the information I wish I’d had when I was a struggling screenwriter three decades ago!”

— Jen Louden, author of Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next

Here’s what you get in your Procrastination Survival Kit:

Get ready to get curious, get support, and get going!

In a series of core three audio sessions (plus some bonuses!), I’ll lead you through a gentle process that melds ideas from my new book, mindset research on stress and uncertainty, and journaling prompts to write a new story.

Your Procrastination Survival Kit Includes:


Your Survival Strategy.

In this audio, we’ll dive into some new approaches to procrastination to identify the real cause of what’s holding you back, and how it’s manifesting in your life. As you begin to move towards these parts of yourself and your experience with curiosity and love, you’ll start to immediately feel more free and expansive!


Procrastination… Transformed!

This is where you learn several simple yet powerful (and empowering) exercises that you can use whenever you find yourself avoiding, ignoring, or otherwise getting pulled away from what you want.


Self-Trust Magnifiers.

The “HELP” button for those times when the you-know-what hits the fan and you’re neck-deep in Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s. These potent reminders will help you move through resistance to relief as you love, honor, and listen to your deepest self.

Bonus! AUDIO 4:

Trusting Yourself — A Guided Meditation.

A beautiful, calming reminder of your essential goodness and wisdom.

Plus a…

Downloadable Workbook

Each of the three Core Audios includes journaling prompts and exercises. Print out this guide to work through the questions, and to remind you of what you already know when you forget it again in the future!

Your Procrastination Survival Guide is a doorway to accessing MORE of what you desire in every area of your life!

It really is possible to have more.