Create out loud

with Jennifer Louden

53 | Create + Climate + You = Hope & Action

Show Notes

Does the thought of the climate crisis decimating our world fill you with thoughts of doom and gloom…

Thoughts like:

  • No matter what I do it doesn’t matter…
  • Why bother with ANY of my desires if there won’t be a world to live in?…
  • I’m powerless in the face of large corporations that continue to ignore their impact on the planet so they can profit…

Take a deep breath. And another one.

In this episode of Create Out Loud, I talk about one of the topics that moved me to write my book, Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next – climate change. Climate crisis. Climate emergency.

Instead of stopping the conversation with “we’re doomed”, I’m challenging you in this episode to think about what you can do, as someone who creates.

How can you use your creativity, and your desire to amplify the message, provide support to climate scientists, and spread the message of hope. Because without hope, we give up, and if we give up on trying to solve this problem then we are 100% doomed.

Do I know if hoping and creating will cause global change?

No. But I know what the immense cost of doing nothing is.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why you don’t need to be a climate scientist to talk about climate change
  • How you can leverage your creativity to make a difference
  • Why thinking about global impact will keep you stuck… instead, think about community impact
  • Why we need to make the problem smaller and ourselves bigger


Visit to get instant access to a collection of audios that will

  • help you with some of the most common struggles we creatives have to manage including fear of choosing,
  • falling into compare and despair, managing the inner critic (s),
  • and feeling too exposed and vulnerable when you put yourself or your work into the world.

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