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51 | Give Not Earning the Middle Finger with Ash Ambirge

Show Notes

Not everyone listening to this podcast wants to make money by being creative, but a larger number of people believe that they CAN’T make money from creative pursuits. That is NOT true!

I’m joined by the author of The Middle Finger Project and Meat and Hair, Ash Ambirge, to give a big ol’ middle finger to the idea that you can’t make money by being creative.

We talk about how important it is to devote time to your happiness, how to manage multiple streams of creative income, and just how important it is to believe that you can make money by being creative.

Ash Ambrige runs three businesses that she built herself, and is currently curating a fourth. How did she do it? Ash has ALWAYS had an entrepreneurial spirit, and in today’s episode, Jen and Ash discuss how being creative shares a lot in common with running a business.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How Ash is able to devote two whole days to happiness, not work
  • How to ignore your itty bitty shitty committee telling you that you can’t make money by being creative
  • How Ash is dedicated to giving the middle finger to imposter syndrome
  • Why getting started in your business doesn’t have to be complicated
  • Just how effective a simple newsletter can be
  • How important it is to create a system to sell your work

Episode resources:

  • Ash Ambirge’s latest book, The Middle Finger Project
  • Ash has two amazing newsletters that I highly recommend joining
  • Wynter, a nifty tool to see test how your messaging is landing
  • ConvertKit, an email marketing tool best for deliverability and segmentation
  • Buzzsumo, a tool that shows you what high-quality content looks like
  • Zapier, a productivity platform that connects all of your apps

Visit to get instant access to a collection of audios that will

  • help you with some of the most common struggles we creatives have to manage including fear of choosing,
  • falling into compare and despair, managing the inner critic (s),
  • and feeling too exposed and vulnerable when you put yourself or your work into the world.

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