Create out loud

with Jennifer Louden

30 | Giving Yourself Permission To “Do You” In Your Creativity

Show Notes

So often we get caught up in the idea of who we should be as a creative. ‘I should be a best selling author’…’I should be an award winning filmmaker’…’I should be giving my speech for winning a Nobel-prize.’ But what about who we already ARE? Even the greats wrestle with questions of creativity, identity, and imposter syndrome, but remember, at the end of the day, who you really are and what truly interests you is your greatest superpower. Learn how to embrace yourself fully as you dive into the creative pool.

0:50 – Why beliefs, wounds, and sticky points around the subject matter, voice, or style that we think we have to create can make creating dry.

1:25 – How fantasy novelist Lev Grossman learned to allow his natural desire and deep love of fantasy to be the subject of his novels. You can read his piece in the New York Times about it here: Finding My Voice in Fantasy

3:17 – Talent as a bogus concept and what matters more instead

4:00 – What if something that you haven’t allowed yourself to be curious about is calling you?

6:40 – Losing your voice or way as a creative and how to find it again

8:55 – Assuming an identity as a creative and mourning the identities we leave behind

11:00 – Creative expression and the desire to be seen

12:35 – Writing as an act of problem solving or exploring

13:50 – Money making and creative burnout

15:20 – Journal prompts to help you show up as YOU in your creative work

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