The Life Organizer Collection

Sometimes we need a little help finding
ourselves in our own lives

The Life Organizer Collection is a design studio of life tools to keep you connected to you. No matter what life throws at you.

This offering is full of wisdom tools and resources to guide you in navigating your life by desire.

You’ll remember your vision of enoughness and how to find your way back home to you. Again and Again.

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Brene-Brown“In this important book, Jennifer Louden shows you how to live with more courage and greater intention and how to embrace the truth that you are enough right now. You’ll write in it, dog-ear it, and use it until it falls apart. It’s just that good.”

– Brene Brown, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly


 rachel_s“With a family, home and business, I can get so busy dealing with life that I hardly have time to think about what I want or attend to what I need; I’m just rolling with the punches. If enough time passes in this state, I can easily lose myself in the “doing.”

The Life Organizer is like a life preserver that helps me stay afloat so I can see the horizon of what matters. It completely turned what I thought it meant to have an organized life on its head. A welcome paradigm shift!

The guiding inspirations and prompts help me break free from guilt, perfection and absolutes. The Life Organizer has added a layer of depth and richness to my life that gives me freedom beyond measure. I love the ideas so much I give this book to all my clients – it makes that kind of impact!”

– Rachel Schultz, Life-Organizing Expert and Holistic Health & Cooking Coach,


amanda_thumb“If you’ve read even a couple of Jen Louden’s blog posts, two things have likely happened: 1. You want more … more of Jen’s generous and gracious wit & wisdom and 2. You want to sit and have a long, leisurely cup of tea with her. That’s because what sets Jen and her ‘living from the inside out’ guidance apart is it’s anchored in her own personal experience; shared straight from her heart with courage and great care.

Jen’s beautiful, intuitive and heart-centered Life Organizer book encouraged me to embrace what is now … in this moment. And then, like a good friend holding my hand, guided me towards what’s most true for me; reminding me each step of the way to let go of the “should” and stay in close touch with the flow. It has and continues to be powerful journey that keeps me connected to me.”

– Amanda Winn, Wholehearted Business Development Consultant

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