Welcome to Create + Climate

Inspiration for Creatives to Change the Human Story

You’re painfully aware of the climate crisis.

You do your best to shrink your carbon footprint and make your voice heard to your political representatives.

But it feels like so little.

And yet, what else can you, one tiny person, do?

It can all feel so hopeless and overwhelming.

Yes, it can, but I’m aware of something that only you can do to support real change.

Who changes culture? Who are the real changemakers?

Artists. Writers. Healers. Thinkers. Rebels. Creators. Entrepreneurs.

If you create, if you support others who create, if you lead, if you coach, if you write, if you practice medicine, if you run a company of any size, then you have the opportunity and the ability, that many do not, to slow down this shit storm and help the policy wonks and the scientists turn the climate crisis around.

Your creative talents, your voice, your unique way of seeing the world, of thinking, and yes, your platform, are what I’m asking you to use.

We must create a new story that saving our species is possible.

Who better to help create that new story than you?

That’s where Create + Climate comes in.

Create + Climate is bite-sized resources and inspiration to inspire you to support climate action. Your way.

It’s free, it’s vetted by climate experts, and it’s all about stoking your creativity to be an informed shame-free voice for change.

Your readers, clients, listeners, fans, and customers look to you for leadership. They want you to inspire them as only you can, using your talents, interests, and expertise.

They’re also eager to support people and brands that reflect how vital it is to take immediate real action on the climate emergency. Your people want to know you are part of the solution. This will become increasingly important for your bottom line in the coming months and years.

Overcome climate anxiety and helplessness, and have creative fun doing it.

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Who am I to do this?

I’m a creative like you — I’m a best-selling author of 7 books, mentor to creative women who lead, a creative entrepreneur for 30+ years, a thinker, and someone who has been obsessed with the climate crisis for almost 40 years.

I fell into a long period of despair and why-bother-to-do-anything but read the news and sigh, until I was writing my last book Why Bother? (ironic I know). And then I realized, holy moly, here I am telling people they can always bother, that there is always a way forward, and yet, I don’t believe that when it comes to the most urgent issue our species faces.

Create + Climate is me walking my talk. I hope you’ll join me.

Create + Climate will be free for as long as I can support it. If you would like to volunteer to spread the word among like-minded creatives, that would be awesome. If you have ideas for future issues or the project, please email me at jen@jennifer louden.com – Thank you!

Before inspiring your talents to generate new stories, art, conversations and possibilities for climate action, let’s address common fears about speaking up.

Q: But I drive a car /eat meat /fly often /have kids /don’t always sort my recycling

A. Living in the world as it does not disqualify you from being a voice for change.

You’re a human (I mean I’m assuming you aren’t an alien observing our species, but if you are, hi!) who lives within a complex system that is absurdly unsustainable. You didn’t create the system and it’s impossible to exit the system completely.

Of course, we all want to lessen our individual impact but thinking we have to be “greener than thou” or above reproach before we can be a voice for change is to paralyze ourselves with shame and to put our focus on self-blame rather than creating a new story that puts the focus on the systems were all ensnared in.

That’s how you can make a difference.

Q. But what if my readers/ fans/ customers/ my employer/ clients/ my family tell me to “stay in my lane”?

A. “Stay in your lane” or you’re not an expert is how people in power or who are afraid of facing their own climate anxiety and fear silence people who are working for change. Think of the Black athletes and artists and musicians who have been silenced in this way (stick to making music, you get paid to play football, shit like that).

You’re a poet, a cartoonist, an executive coach, a game designer, a meditation teacher, a chef, a calligrapher, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a doctor, a dancer, and you are also a human (again, I’m assuming) who lives on this fragile dying planet.

Thus you get a voice. Don’t let anybody’s fear of change or greed shut you up.

Q: I’ll have to harangue and shame people. That sounds hideous.

A: That’s the last thing we want to do. Shaming doesn’t motivate most people to change. For example, research shows that when people read eco-tips about how to lessen their impact or encounter “eco-piety”, it actually makes them less likely to do anything.

We don’t want to turn anybody into a coal roller and plus, finger-wagging is boring.

You are going to inspire, not shame.

Our aim is to help you create art, conversations, and connections that make changes for the climate funny, moving, beautiful, prayerful, full-bodied, wild, loving, silly, thought-provoking, intriguing… in the way you do best.

Q: What if I find participating overwhelming and depressing?

A: Feeling eco-anxiety, deep grief, and depression is normal and we need to normalize it. We aren’t overly sensitive snowflakes, we are Cassandra seeing and feeling the truth.

And the best antidote is action with a focus on changing systems and when you add the healing power of creating, I believe we’re creating a powerful generative way to channel our fear and grief.

For those of you sharing your work and ideas on social, we will be using the hashtags #createclimate #climatechangeart #climatechange #climateart and #climatehope to find each other and remember we are not alone.

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