Your Life is Telling You, Are You Listening?

Sep 27, 2012

Callings, purpose, playing big, shero’s journey…

Branding, tag lines, niches, customer avatars, tell a compelling personal story…


All of these are often worthy, even vital, ideas to guide you in sculpting a meaningful life…. and if you give your authority away to them, they become poison.

It all becomes a schtick, a shell game, a “just a minute and then I will…” zombie shuffle away from your life.

I know of what I speak – Savor & Serve almost became that – watch the video below for more of what I mean – but first, consider:

  • Do you keep trying to get clear about what you offer the world?
  • Do you say to yourself, “I’m made for something bigger?”
  • Do you think, “Tomorrow I’ll figure it out.”
  • Are you searching for the magic sauce recipe that will transform you?
  • Have you spent weeks/months/decades on your personal mission statement/tag line/logo?

Then take my hand and let’s turn away from the false gods of a concretized figured out future. (I need help turning away too – I so appreciate we are in this together.)

We have something far sweeter to guide us: reality.

Your life is telling you right this very minute who you are and what you want.

It’s no secret!

There need be no struggle!

All it takes is diving in right here. Being in fellowship with what is here. Listening to what is showing up here.

What I see in my clients – and myself! – is that we keep running out there looking scrambling searching when life is begging us to pay attention here.

Not because when you pay attention to will get something or get somewhere but because paying attention is what you seek!

Whatever you do, create, experience is simply “a vehicle – a way to know the world” as Stephen Cope says in his wonderful new book The Great Work of Your Life. It’s important to have a vehicle you like that fits you but far, far more important is what the vehicle does.

Life is asking you – always and with immense love – to enjoy a “fellowship with essence,” to allow that which creates everything to work through you. Use the medium of living to know life rather than the map of life.

You need only know this life right here. What you seek is here now.

It only matters that we engage in this life, that we see and communion wholly with what is given.

P.S. And if after reading this you’re craving a handy 5 point guide to doing just that, giggle with me (oh don’t I get it!) and then let us again turn toward this moment and know it.  The books and coaches and advice are helpful but only after the fact.

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