Your Creative Joy Magnified

Dec 14, 2011

I love to teach.

I adore spending time with like-minded women working and playing their way toward wholeness. Women who lean into their longing to be more awake, more creative, and more alive. Women who work to change the world so more women everywhere can fulfill their own longings.

I also love to teach with other women — to see what arises spontaneously, to weave insight, activity, and silence together. There is such preciousness, such child-like wonder, in these creations. It’s like staging the haunted house in 7th grade all over again but this time, instead of kids immersing their hands in cold spaghetti, women immerse themselves in the stream of their own being.

That sounds a whole more pleasant!

Please immerse yourself in joy with Marianne Elliott, Susannah Conway, and myself.

Here’s a sweet little video talking about what we would like to create with you — and why!

Special Retreat Deal

If you and a special someone else sign up for the Creative Joy retreat between now and December 20th, we will gift both of you:

  • Marianne’s 30 Days of Yoga course ($100 value),
  • Jennifer’s Satisfaction Finder ($42 value) AND
  • Susannah’s January Photo Meditations class (£87/$138 value)

That would be $280 of soul nourishment — for you and your buddy!


You’ll both be entered into a lottery to win a one-on-one 45 minute Skype session with either Susannah, Jen, or Marianne (that means 3 chances to win!). It also means private time with one of us to discuss your photography, yoga, or meditation practice or get some life/creativity/business coaching.

Note to anyone who has already registered for the retreat: you are automatically entered into the lottery but of course! Yay! and if you ask a friend to sign up, just tell us and we will gift you both this special package, too!

How does it work?

Buy two spots at one time (for your mom! your daughter! your best friend! your mentor! your favorite art teacher!) OR invite a friend and then in the comment section of the shopping cart, simply write “I am attending with” + your friend’s name. We will send you each a separate email with the download instructions for your fab-tab-ulous gifts once we have received payment from you both. Easy!

Can you imagine what a gift this would be for a woman you love? Or what a perfect opportunity to gather friends together and reconnect? Nourish your creative souls and create memories together!

The retreat is filling so please take advantage of this offer now and get all this very yummy stuff + a chance to work with one of us one-on-one!

This goodie basket expires Tuesday December 20th at 12 noon Pacific. This is a firm deadline (yes we are three love muffins but we must hold firm so our systems flow nicely and prevent stressful mistakes that make us very unjoyful).

So simple — invite a beloved or gift a beloved. Tell us in the comment section.Wait for email with fab gifts. Come in June and be renewed like maybe never before. Cool beans, yes? Yes!

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