Do you sometimes feel that everything is for sale?

That if something doesn’t have a market value (including being able to be turned into a pithy blog post, Instagram photo or even a great story to tell your friends) or if it doesn’t “fit” your personal brand, then it has no point. And if has no point, then why connect with that friend, scribble that poem, love that elderly person?

Or perhaps more chilling, why follow the call, heed the inklings, nurture the whiff of a possible maybe idea?

I’m being dramatic but haven’t you sniffed this trend, too? That everything has to have a pay off of some kind?

I recorded a video trying to give voice to my thoughts – it’s raw, my lipstick doesn’t quite make it all the way around my mouth, and it feels like a very important topic on which I would so love your comments. What do you notice?

Thanks for watching and commenting.