You are Never Stuck (Creative Sunbeam #4)

Jan 24, 2022

This is day 4 of a 5-day series. The rest of the Creative Sunbeams are here.

Could it be true, lovely person, that you are never stuck in your writing?

I found myself saying that last year to my Write Now group and I had to pause and ask myself if that was just me being all optimistic and puppy-like.

But no, I realized, it’s true.

You are like this beautiful illustration

Always changing and growing.

Always becoming.


Being stuck means nothing.

It means nothing about you.

It means nothing about your future as a writer.

It’s a passing moment.

It’s no big ding-dang-do.

Remind yourself: I can learn. I’m always learning. I’m always changing. I have no idea of what I am capable of.

This is not an empty affirmation, this is the truth. Take it in.

And as part of the creative process, you sometimes need to review what helps you create with more delight and ease.

We all forget what works!

We all forget what we know.

We all forget our best tools and ways of working.

One thing we will do on our live call on January 27 at 12pm MT is a review of my best ideas for what to do when you feel stuck but why wait?

Ask yourself right now, “What did I do once upon a time to help me write with more ease?”

Maybe it was something from when you were 7 years old?

Maybe something you learned on a retreat.

Maybe write by hand when you’re editing too much on the computer.

Maybe never come to the page blank or cold, always prime the pump.

Ask yourself what you’ve forgotten.

Sometimes writing gets unnecessarily sticky because we believe we have to suffer to create.

Bull hockey.

Tweak one thing and keep going.

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