Why Unicorns & Rainbows Matter

Jun 11, 2013

“… a possibility beckons of a world more beautiful and a life more magnificent than what we know today… We become aware of it in moments… these moments come to us alone in nature, or with a baby, making love, playing with children, caring for a dying person, making music for the sake of music or beauty for the sake of beauty….

We intuit that something similar is possible collectively… Another way of being is possible, and it is right in front of us, closer than close.”  Charles Einstein

For so much of my life, I have believed that talking about love and creativity and things being better is the same as believing in unicorns and rainbows – lovely and in the end, pretty silly.  Not productive. Not going to actually change anything.

But I am feeling into my daily practice of creative joy – that what I (you, we) experience in these moments of creating, dancing, loving, believing in good, serving love – are both the truth of life and the way out to heal our broken world.

That the more we know this state that Charles points to, the more we make it real, the more we value and honor it, the more able we will be to create a just and sane world for all.

What if, when we experience and honor these joyful, open, vulnerable, creative states, we free ourselves from the story that the world as it is, is the way things have to be?

Or another way to say it: accessing our generative creative flow allows us to experience another way of being and from there, we can declare, “I want this to be the norm. I want this to be the foundation. I declare this reality.”

What if unicorns and rainbows are for real?

Here’s a video in which I attempt to talk about this in relationship to our upcoming Creative Joy Retreat along with Marianne and Tracey giving their lovely & wise insights.

This is all “emergent” for me – coming into view. I may be full of blarney or onto something vital. I do know it’s bold claim that is not fully fleshed out (what an understatement) and yet if I trust that this is valuable, what then opens? Love to hear what you think!



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