The GPS of Your Soul

May 24, 2011

I drove back from a life-changing retreat lead by author and wise woman Christina Baldwin* yesterday noon.

As I drove up the spine of Whidbey Island, past milk cows, spring greening cedars, pie shops and many espresso stands, I thought about what gets in our way after life-changing retreats (or workshops, coaching sessions, conversations with angels, classes).

Because you have life-changing experiences –  often.

You have an experience and you see with clear eyes what you thirst for and what needs to change for that to become part of your life and then you let it get furry, slip away.


You might say busyness, fear, habit, brain wiring. You might quote a great book like Switch or Buddha’s Brain and you would be right.

And here is what I think is the foundational reason you don’t change: you fall back asleep because you believe the mean-ass voices that slither in and say,

“You didn’t figure this out the last time you learned it. You didn’t do anything different the last time or at least, not for very long. Why do you think this time will be any different? Don’t even bother.”

This, my friend, my dear reader, is a big lie.

Big stinky lie. Big stinky not true. Be gone! Wave your hand with me – gone!

I walked the labyrinth several times during my retreat,

the ancient shape spilling so many ideas at me I had to stop every few feet to jot them down, rich clear insights into very old ways of being that snag and scar me.

Right before I reached the center, I asked,  “How will this time be any different? I know all this but how will I live it?”

The first thing I saw when I walked into the center of the spiral?

A rock tattooed with the words: Begin Again.

The great GPS of your soul is simply telling you, with tender and complete love, that it is time to recalculate.

I’m recalculating today. Please join me.

* Read Christina’s books, study with her, mentor with her. She is the real thing. We need the real.

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