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April 28th

May 4th

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Laura Becker - May 3, 2021

I had to survive 35 years of dysthymia, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder, including multiple hospitalizations, to get through to the other side – happiness. I finally found a treatment (transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS) that helps correct my brain chemistry, as well as a treatment that helps me understand why I react the way I do (dialectical behavior therapy, DBT). DBT also taught me a lot of skills I can use to choose to react differently, thus enhancing my life experiences. I honestly thought I would die alone and depressed in a dark basement apartment somewhere with a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand. But my depression has been in remission for over a year, and no more Jack! I didn’t believe it was even within the realm of possibility for me to be happy, but look at me now! 🙂

    Viv Kane - May 3, 2021

    I have had years of no confidence I was brought up in an era unfortunately where i was not given a lot of encouragement I know there will of been others who went through the same, went through life doing jobs I thought I could only do, not aim for things I really wanted to do as i wasn’t clever, or good enough i was worried about making mistakes, I was quite shy but had friends, met my husband, went on to have 4 children some of the time a lot actually I stayed at home to look after my children, but I did go on to work again when my youngest daughter was 3 in childcare, went on eventually to get qualified in level 2 and 3 , childcare, a lot of work with level 3 working part time running the house, children, there was so much work with the level 3 and I deep down knew I didn’t want this , but did it anyway, my mum and dad got ill during this time and that knocked me for six and then I got ill November 2015 with a chest infection, vitamin D deficiency I was just getting worse and ended up where the virus attacked my heart , I had a heart attack ,nearly died, I was so shocked, and have been traumatised by it and then procedures , 2 open heart surgeries, the last one a heart transplant in 2020, some people told me oh, your life will change and I expected to be instantly happy, but confused because I I wasent , physical recovery has been quicker than phscological- still , in between that my mum died, which was devastating, its made me realise I dont want to settle for being frightened of not doing what I really want , I’ve been writing down why bother prompts, maybe more writing because it’s easier following the norm of what I used to do for creativity( or lack of it) Jens book why bother I recently bought has blown me away, its like she knows me ,she makes me feel inspired by her life , her prompts , compassion, kindness, I do want to continue to write

Adrian - May 3, 2021

I recently had to go through and understand that almost every one of my friends, are all acting out of their Egos, and finally understand, that I have been taken off their list a long time ago. After a battle with my own Ego who wanted friendship, love, righteousness, compassion, kindness and felt being put down, forgotten, thrown out at the recycle bin of history, and being reduced from a talented aspiring writer and music producer to a mere stupid and idiot friend (which I’m really now), I now could see opening another door (as the friendship door in my life has finally closed). I can clearly see how I did so much and assigned so much of my time to cater to my old-time friends, just to ignore basically myself, my projects, my life, my work which granted me money and financial security. Now I can clearly see how I could again make time for myself, work as much as I can, so I can finally detach from all these toxic friendships (that had become over-time) that would soon grant me the freedom to roam the country and the world, so I can explore life and found real people with which I can form real friendships. Hard lesson, heartbreaking, but real truth. It seems that ever since I enrolled myself into the path of mindfulness and meditation, one by one, all my old friends forgot me or threw me out in the bin. Now I will gently and kindly continue my spiritual path, but this time I will only focus on real friendships and forget and forgive everyone that ever thought wrong about me. I cannot blame life, or anyone else, for these people that are, in the end, not the center of the world.

Leona - May 3, 2021

I had to go through many years of physical illness and relationship/emotional crisis so that eventually I could realize and admit the legacy of my childhood and begin a recovery journey, the journey that is leading me back to my own creative, personal and professional self and voice. And, along the way, I have to keep reminding myself that nothing is wasted and this labor will bear fruit, so I keep putting one foot in front of another.

Viv Kane - May 4, 2021

That sounds great, I don’t have Instagram but it’s good I will be able to watch the lives, thank you jen, sounds so good

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