Who or what is eating your time?

May 31, 2019

I loved “stepping out of time” in yesterday’s audio. I’ve started to make this a regular practice, especially when I find myself with time to spare in, say, the doctor’s waiting room.

Today we’re going to get current with our time monsters. Time monsters are things we have to do such as making dinner, respond to emails, or clean the toilet. But it’s when, how often, or how perfectly we do them that turns them into something that eats our time.

Time monsters love summer and winter! They thrive on the story that you’ve got plenty of time to do what you care about, so why get to it now?

Get to know your time monsters without shame or blame, and defang their sneaky stories. You are a better person if you tend to them first.

Look forward to hearing from you about how this audio lands.

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