When Your Heart Aches, Do This

Jun 20, 2012

Offer yourself the sacrament of new beginning.

Put any story that you are the one and only human exception to

::we all make mistakes, we all get hurt, we all need help::

on the fire of liberation. Light the pyre. (You are the exception to many rules but not this one.)


Open your arms, lean back, look up and ask for healing to come into your bruised heart. Ask for exactly the healing you need. Go ahead, be specific.


List what hurts. What went wrong. What might never go right.

For each ouch cataloged, offer someone and then yourself a kindness – an alternating prayer chain of healing.  A love note hidden in his boxers & a love note written to yourself. The bird feeder filled & a lovely lunch savored. A poem emailed to a friend & a poem read out loud for your own ears. Transmute the hurt into kindness.

Refuse to sip the sweet with a thimble and gulp the sour with a bucket.

May the hurt in your heart be healed::

through courage





and sweet rest.


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