What you want is not who you are


Desire is not identity.

You are not what you pine to create.

You are the witness that watches all your desires arise.

You wish to write like Elizabeth Gilbert, to start a social movement like Eve Ensler, to raise your kids and grandkids to be compassionate, to create an intimate union with your partner.

Your wishes are so beautiful.

Follow those aches to create and stay seated in the awareness that you are not those desires. You are the space your desires arise in.

If you were what you want, you would not see what you want. Because your consciousness is separate and aware, you can play and create with freedom. Your worth is never on the table. Your wishes and desires are followed because you want, not because you need.

Go create masterpieces of love that help the world heal and thrive. Honor the call of the curious while wearing a knowing smile that says, “I desire, but I am not my desires. I am the witness who watches it all come and go.”

I’ll be right beside you.



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Elle North - April 10, 2014

I am the witness…as my desires creep up more and more as I’m trying to get my online business out there…being the witness seems more true than being the desire-er…thank you, Jennifer.

    Jennifer - April 28, 2014

    glad it was useful Elle!

    jenlouden - May 7, 2014

    you are so welcome!

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