What the Librarian Said to Me

Jun 4, 2013

Hey there friends, it’s Spontaneous Video Wednesday – woo video hoo!

In this video you can see & hear::

A) my gray hairs

B) the doodle dogs!

C) hear what words I keep forgetting and

D) 4 (or 5? I forget!) things I have been learning about writing and creating

+ the usual goofiness… and did I mention dogs?

As I say first thing in zee video, please substitute whatever you are creating for writing. As in when I say “writing” you say “parenting” or “coaching” or “sketching” or “building a business.” You get it!

Resources mentioned in the video and other good stuff happenig:

  • The Satisfaction Finder

“I love it! It’s so simple, and it’s definitely true that this is where its grace lies – little by little, small step by small step. Thank you Jen, for reminding us that we are ‘enough’!” –Claire Chapman, www.fabulouscoachingcompany.com

I just added a weekend workshop with the famous Laura Wagner in September – 2o women, save $50 bucks before 7/17 – deets here.

  • Play #mycreativejoy and maybe win free retreat tuition + get lots of great creative re-juicing happening? Details are inside the luscious playbook at the top of this page – we announce the winner next Friday so get playing!



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