[VIDEO] What the heck is my writing even about?

May 30, 2017

Can you relate to this…

You sit down to write. And you write and write.

You probably have periods where you get so excited you can barely stand yourself with how much you can write. Flow baby flow!

And other times, it’s like exercising after recovering from the flu or having dinner with your mother-in-law with no cocktails: painful.

But… fill the pages you do. Cause you know how to face your scary sh*t!

And then maybe, before you know it, you’re looking back on all of the words and wondering, ‘what the heck is this even about?’

Been there! In fact, I am sort of, kind of there, right now with my memoir. And I am sort of kinda not.

Landing on a clear and concise direction or idea sounds so much easier than it is – and so not knowing yours can become a reason to not write or to abandon your project.

Please don’t do that until you watch this video. I share some ideas to help you figure out what your writing is about – and to help you bear being lost. Whether you’re writing fiction or a self-help or business book. So grab a notebook or your journal and a pen and jot some of them down.

Part of figuring out what your project is about is being willing to choose. I know that can be frightening but remember, you have so many more SO MANY MORE of books/articles/poems/posts/ideas in you. You don’t have to cram it all in to this one piece. Pinky swear.

And keep this tidbit of motivation in your heart: struggling to know what you’re saying is a big part of why most people quit. But you aren’t most people. You’re a writer who gets that it can be hard AND who also sticks with it because she knows eventually the thread or the heart line or the indisputable through line will be right there in front of you.

Keep writing!

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