What if You Knew?

What if you knew

whatever is it you think you need to know

to do

whatever it is you

want to do?


What is it you think you need to know?

Can you name it? Would you know it if you saw it, tasted it, touched it?

I am not trying to tie you in knots, pinkie swear.

Clients turns up every week saying “If only I knew __________ then I would…”

I keep seeing this far off land named Knowing, which is a place where you can finally have what you want.

Only it seems, correct me if I’m wrong, the only way to the land of Knowing (where you can have what you want) is by walking on the bridge of Not Knowing.

Love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy the weekend!

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Monica - May 25, 2012

I have heard this before from previous bloggers, I’ll post their links in this comment section so you can check them out. http://www.ivyleagueinsecurities.com/2010/09/fear-of-the-known/ 
and http://keepingitpersonal.com/2012/05/live-the-questions/.

Tricia Bath - May 25, 2012

Yes, yes, yes. How true. I’m weighing options about my future right now and I totally see where I’m wishing a crystal ball existed so I knew the right next step. Of course, there is no “right,” just the next step, so I agree living and walking with “not knowing” and uncertainty is the only path to really being… Thank you as always for your sweet, sweet wisdom. Balm for the soul.

Kerry - May 25, 2012

Time and again, I thought I did know what I needed to know to do what I was going to do.
Time and again, I was shown I didn’t know what I should know to do what I needed to do.
Time and again, what I thought I needed to do was not what needed to be done and what I knew wasn’t what I needed to know.
Each time this happens, I am forced to reassess everything I know, everything I thought, everything I’m doing, everything I thought possible.

And it has just happened to me again.

Jalene Case - May 26, 2012

I like to say, “When you know, you know, and until you know, you have to be okay with not knowing.” I’ve had a couple of realizations lately. 1. I will always have at least a foot in the land of Not Knowing because I love to try new things. 2. I finished a masters degree last June and thought I knew all I needed to know to start my business. Now, I know that was the beginning of my learning in that particular area. Maybe we’re addicted to the notion of “knowing” because our culture highly values “experts” rather than “experimenters.” Here’s to experimenting & exploring!

    jenniferlouden - May 30, 2012

    I think of myself as a life explorer more than anything Jalene. So agree with you~

Soupiedoup - May 26, 2012

Love this post. I think we all know more than we think we know. 🙂

Sheri - May 26, 2012

therein lies the rub….uggghhhhh! you keep telling me to just do it, and I still sit ‘on this side’ of IT!  What it is I find myself NEEDING to know, it pretty much boils down to ‘Do I have anything worthy of someone else’s attention?’…head trip, that’s all! Thanks for your constant encouragement, and your beautiful example of what it could become if I would just ‘do IT’. I love your writing, your efforts, your ideas, your website…and one day, perhaps someone will write that very same thing in my comments section of my one day website for my ‘IT’…! ~Sheri

    jenniferlouden - May 30, 2012

    Sheri they will! if I can do it, I swear to golly gosh god and goddess and all that is holy, you can TOO!

Cindy Moneta - May 27, 2012

It seems to me whenver I get “stuck” it is bcz I am in the “know” zone and out of the journey/process zone.  I do much better flowing like a river…I may get to “know” eventually but am in no hurry. The detours are delightful and lead to so many more ways of “knowing”

    jenniferlouden - May 30, 2012

    well said!

Kim Larocque - May 31, 2012

I totally agree!  You can only “know” from experience.  That’s just the way it works!

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