What Helps Me in My Business?

Painting by Pat Woodall

What helps me in my business isn’t any different than what helps me in my life. I’m sure the same is true for you. Like:

:: Bob’s love. (who do you grow with?)

* Lilly’s being.  (what do you excel for?)

:: My assistant Deb Buxton.  (who do you allow to support you even when it’s messy – really messy.)

* My Brain Trust. (more of letting that messy support in.)

:: Pleasing myself first and then asking “How can this serve the people I love to inspire?” This is very hard for me but I’m clear it’s the only way I will have the energy to continue to create. Serve yourself first.

* Regular sessions with Hiro. (who guides you beyond your limits?)

:: Coaching with her and with him. (do you allow yourself to be a learner? name where and when.)

* True spiritual practice like this.  (how do you grow in awareness?)

:: Working with wildly wonderful people like these.  (who do you want to create with? have you asked?)

* Blog posts like this on knowing what you want (you cannot please yourself if you don’t know what you want.)

:: Owning my gifts. (be brave: own yours.)

* Outrageous self-kindness. (how do you stay on your own side especially when despair and fear come a calling?)

:: Discipline. (where does love hold you to your best self and where does self-hatred bend you to improve?)

* Devotion. Letting myself want what I want completely and letting that be enough. (what are you devoted to?)


What helps you thrive?  I’d really love to hear.


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