What Does Ira Glass, Being-Well Fed, & Not Writing Have in Common?

Jul 16, 2011

They all inspired me this week. Here is my recommendations for savoring and serving support this week:

Ira Glass, the laconically brilliant host and creative voice of This American Life did a series of You Tube videos on his creative learning curve. Struggle to create? Think a long learning curve means you aren’t doing what you are “meant” to do? Ha!

The luscious Rachel Cole asked me some juicy questions over at her house. Consider answering them for yourself – you’ll learn a lot about yourself. I certainly did.

Not writing? Wish you were? My friend the laconically brilliant Patti Digh has a few ideas that will help.

Imbibe these delights and serve in your own deeply alive creative way.

I love being connected. Thank you for your trust and time.



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