What Are You Committed To?

Nov 1, 2011

Such a basic question.

Such a powerful question.

We commit to people, causes, projects, ways of being with our words – the vows we take, the promises we make – and those words create the aim for our actions.

Words are powerful and clarity is crucial. Notice the difference in your belly when I say “I am writing a book and I will be finished with a first draft by March 15th” vs. “I am thinking about writing something sometime.” The first one probably gave you a quiver or a feeling of being more alert, while the second made you a bit sleepy or even tense.

Try on “I am committed to giving away 10,000 dollars in the next 12 months” vs. “I would like to give more to charity.”  Notice the difference.

Fascinating isn’t it?

Words are important and it is in action that we reveal our true commitments.

In other words, look at what you are doing right now: what commitment is revealed?

By writing this, my commitment to being a teacher is revealed.  As I wrestle with these words and thoughts, trying to say something of truth for me, and of use to you, I am living one of my central commitments in my  life.

What commitment are you living right now?

Pause, breathe, and ask with kindness.

And if it doesn’t fit for you, shift what you are doing.

In the action you take now, your commitment is revealed.

Again and again.

So I ask again, what are you committed to?

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