Welcome to Create + Climate

Mar 20, 2021

You’re painfully aware of the climate crisis.

You do your best to shrink your carbon footprint and make your voice heard by your political representatives.

But it feels like so little.

And yet, what else can you, one tiny person, do?

It can all feel so hopeless and overwhelming.

Yes, it can, but I’m aware of something that only you can do to support real change.

Who changes culture? Who are the real changemakers?

Artists. Writers. Healers. Thinkers. Rebels. Creators. Entrepreneurs.

If you create, if you support others who create, if you lead, if you coach, if you write, if you practice medicine, if you run a company of any size, then you have the opportunity and the ability, that many do not, to slow down this shit storm and help the policy wonks and the scientists turn the climate crisis around.

Your creative talents, your voice, your unique way of seeing the world, of thinking, and yes, your platform, are what I’m asking you to use.

We must create a new story that saving our species is possible.

Who better to help create that new story than you?

That’s where Create + Climate comes in.

Create + Climate is bite-sized resources and inspiration to inspire you to support climate action. Your way.

It’s free, it’s vetted by climate experts, and it’s all about stoking your creativity to be an informed shame-free voice for change.

Your readers, clients, listeners, fans, and customers look to you for leadership. They want you to inspire them as only you can, using your talents, interests, and expertise.

They’re also eager to support people and brands that reflect how vital it is to take immediate real action on the climate emergency. Your people want to know you are part of the solution. This will become increasingly important for your bottom line in the coming months and years.

Overcome climate anxiety and helplessness, and have creative fun doing it.

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