Weekend Fun Takes Discipline

Aug 17, 2012

Luna having fun – oh to be a dog!

A client said this to me this week

“Fun on the weekends takes discipline.”

I found myself nodding.

I know, “fun takes discipline” could sound a bit like “Take your medicine and like it, dammit” but I notice that if I leave all my weekends without any form or plan, sometimes renewal doesn’t happen.

Certainly, getting out of my comfort zone rarely does.

Sometimes it’s hard to get my sweet buttocks up for a hike in the Olympics or to put together a potluck with friends. I get into weekend ruts. Yes, it’s comforting and relaxing but like any rut, it takes energy to transform a rut back into a road (not the best metaphor but you get me).

I wonder if this happens to you?

I’m not about to start making rigid plans for the weekends (Bob is feeling very relieved as he reads this I know) but I am getting curious and asking:

  • How can “fun as discipline: help me with renewal?
  • Where is the juicy confluence between following my whims and making plans?
  • What does my heart and body need all week that can make the weekends less of a fall apart time? (that’s a gold mine in the waiting!)

Hopefully, food for thought as you head into your rutless or beloved rutted weekend!

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