Weekend Fun Takes Discipline

Luna having fun – oh to be a dog!

A client said this to me this week

“Fun on the weekends takes discipline.”

I found myself nodding.

I know, “fun takes discipline” could sound a bit like “Take your medicine and like it, dammit” but I notice that if I leave all my weekends without any form or plan, sometimes renewal doesn’t happen.

Certainly, getting out of my comfort zone rarely does.

Sometimes it’s hard to get my sweet buttocks up for a hike in the Olympics or to put together a potluck with friends. I get into weekend ruts. Yes, it’s comforting and relaxing but like any rut, it takes energy to transform a rut back into a road (not the best metaphor but you get me).

I wonder if this happens to you?

I’m not about to start making rigid plans for the weekends (Bob is feeling very relieved as he reads this I know) but I am getting curious and asking:

  • How can “fun as discipline: help me with renewal?
  • Where is the juicy confluence between following my whims and making plans?
  • What does my heart and body need all week that can make the weekends less of a fall apart time? (that’s a gold mine in the waiting!)

Hopefully, food for thought as you head into your rutless or beloved rutted weekend!

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Susan Gallacher-Turner - August 18, 2012

Using both fun and discipline in one sentence? I’m having a hard time with this idea. I can see the rut, of course. But after spending many years with kids and multiple demands and plans for the weekend, I don’t want to do that. Something to ponder.

    jenniferlouden - August 19, 2012

    Nice to see you again Susan! And yes, this may be a flawed idea. I wrote on Facebook yesterday that I found this weekend having some plans helped with getting into things that took effort but were renewing once engaged in, but also lots of “following my nose”time was delicious. I’m also getting curious about how my weeks are feeling too structured and traditional for me.

Marcia Francois - August 20, 2012

Oh, I love this post! And I agree with your client. It’s about boundaries increasing creativity, and other such good things 🙂 I am personally happiest when my weekend has one or two things outside the house (and sometimes those things are just the non-negotiables like gym and church) and a lot of time at home being both productive with things like cooking, organising and tidying, and restful things like reading and taking pics!

Jamie Wallace - August 19, 2012

I totally get this, Jen.
Though there are times when my “best” weekend is just doing as close to nothing as is humanly possible, there are plenty of other times that I’d be much better served (and more nourished) if I could just get my act together and plan something.

It could be a day trip full of adventure, a movie with my beau, some time set aside to read a book or write or draw or whatever. It could be a long walk on the beach or a trapeze lesson. What I need changes with my mood and the week that I’ve had.

What never changes is the risk of squandering those two short days of respite and rejuvenation. As someone who works from home, it’s too easy to hop on the computer “for just a few minutes” and find myself still hunched over the keyboard six hours later. As a single mom running non-stop during the week, it’s easy to fall into the trap of catching up on all those things you can never really catch up on – laundry, errands, dusting.

We all need down time. How we define it and make it happen changes person-to-person and day-to-day, but we all need to remember the importance of rest and play … even if we have to schedule it, dammit.

    jenniferlouden - August 19, 2012

    you are so wise, and such a great writer Jamie! you said it far better than I!

Kat McNally - September 5, 2012

I have been let this marinate for a wee while now, Jen. It really speaks to me as I work on my patterns of running myself into the ground trying to Do All and Be All and just allow what I do and what I am to Be Enough. More musings on that here http://bit.ly/NQG7CX
Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom, and for the space to think it through. You’re a gem!

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