The Wedding + Pictures

I am floating. I am glowing. I am altered.

Made new through love. Our union witnessed by our friends and family in Union, Washington.

I am married.

flower blessing

I wanted to capture in words the flower-infused sparkling love-weave bliss of the whole weekend but the alphabet wouldn’t hold me, words filtering through my fingers, so many images, so many colors, so many eyes shining with happiness. I can only savor, for now. Yet I also want to share the day with you so I offer you these images and…

I ask you to be part of our community, to witness our transformation. Because we have been. Through and through. Made new.


This is where we wed.


In perfect weather. Prayer flags by my friend Liz.


With random animal friends joining in.

I tried to walk slow

I really thought I was walking slowly down those stairs. Bob told me I was practically running. I guess I was eager. That’s my mom starting to cry and Lilly comforting her in the foreground. My favorite images of the ceremony: Lilly’s blue eyes crying. Eric’s eyes, willing me to be present, to take it all in. Mark, his head bowed, praying. Bob’s smile: a million time watts. The faces of all the people I love witnessing us.



Mark lead everyone in a Sufi chant.

us and the kids

The kids blessed us. It was so moving.

more flowers!

There were vows and lots of flower petals.

Later there were toasts – this is Bob’s mom. The theme was the goose that lays the golden egg.


This is the great hall where we ate and danced. We put stacks of our favorite books on the tables. It lead to good conversation.

first dance

We danced to Golden State by John Doe.


No pictures of square dancing yet but this was later… I think this was near the end. We had a soul train.



And a fireworks (okay sparklers) finale!


There are thousands of more pictures coming and we will share some on Facebook in the next few days. I couldn’t wait to share the love with you. Thank you for witnessing our union. May love flourish in all ways in your life.



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