Want to Clear Out the Stuck?

The last year+ has caused many of us to reassess what matters to us. To make changes, or start to make changes, to explore what has more heart and more meaning. 

Or as one client said to me, “I’m tired of supporting everybody else to shine. It’s my damn time.”

If you are ready to shine, I’d love to help.

Introducing: Blast of Jen.

When you create anything from your heart (a business, a book, a newsletter, a course, a podcast…) it can be lonely. And exciting. And confusing. Of course, exhilarating. 

And often: overwhelming. 

So much to do, to choose, to decide… so much vulnerability to manage. 

And often all by yourself. Even if you have a team or an amazing family and supportive friends, you are the one making the choices. 

It’s easy to flit from choice to choice, to try to do too much, to follow the newest bright shiny.

How do you stay focused and in action on what matters to you?

That’s where a Blast of Jen comes in.

A 90-minute VIP strategy session + game plan + priority follow-up support, that gets right to the heart of exactly what you need right now to shake off the stuck and get going again.

I’m opening my calendar for three people in June. Go here to read who is a good fit for working with me and then grab a spot if you are ready to roll.

(We will not be doing a wait list for these sessions but releasing open spots every few months. I take off July and August so grab one now.)

Want a sense of what a Blast of Jen is like? Send me a brief question about your business, an offering you are structuring or restructuring, your writing, your marketing or visibility by June 9th and I will choose 3 questions to answer via video and share with everybody. If you don’t want your name or any identifying details about your work used, just tell me.

Here’s to no more hiding and all the shining.

Want to get your bother on starting now?

Read the first chapter from my new book for a jolt of fresh perspective and possibility, and a radical reframe on what to do when you are feeling lost, blah, unmotivated, or burned out, in any area of your life or for any reason — even success!

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