Will You Walk with Me?

Jun 22, 2011

Since I started this Savor & Serve experiment, I’ve been running away from two hairy questions.

I look over my shoulder at them frequently, then, just as quickly, look away.

I don’t want to ask these questions.

I don’t want to write about them.

But you know what?

We aren’t going to ask them from the heavy “the world is on my shoulders” iron manacles of fear place. Nor from the Chicken-Little hyper-aroused must-save-the-world-now place either.

No, brothers and sisters, we will not do that.

Because when we ask with heaviness and fear, we hurtle into the abyss of despair and end up eating chips on the sofa and watching Hoarders or we get busy busy busy running running running and we forget we are part of the whole.

Instead, let’s walk together and create a better story.

C’mon on, walk with me and help me consider, with lightness and love and curiosity:

How much money do I want to give away rather than spend on things I don’t really need but I do really want? (and does that include the new rugs I want so badly?)


What is a truly sustainable way for our family to live? (cause if everyone alive consumed the same resources as Americans, we would need 9 planets)

Be in these questions with me.

How do we dance with our desires and face into the very good arguments Utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer offers?

(I don’t agree with Mr. Singer that we should give away everything we earn about $30,000. I’m not willing – how is that for honest! – and the world economy would nosedive and the very people who need help would starve faster. But I also refuse to ignore his ideas out of hand, even though he owns two houses.)

How do we live within the means of our planet? (Check out this info for a quick starter.

Can you walk with me while I consider these questions? Because community is the only way I see for us to create a better story.

Will you share with me what you do to live into these questions?

Will you share with me what you don’t want to do?

I would consider that a sacred blessing and a glorious way to savor & serve.

P.S. Please do not tell me global warming is not real and if you do believe in “abundance for all” will you please please tell me where the other 8 planets are going to come from? I really want to know.








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