[VIDEO] How to write to change the world…

Some of the most powerful change in the world has come from words on a page.

Think about how many significant and meaningful changes started when someone scribbled something down in a pamphlet and stood on a street corner selling them for a tuppence, or on a napkin that launched a company that changed health care (I can dream), or drew a picture on a wall in a cave, or recorded their life changing invention on their smart phone when they were on a run and then turned that into a grant proposal?

Words are seeds of change and as a writer, having the opportunity to share ideas and stories with others – that could help them in big and small ways – well, let’s just say it makes my heart do something funny (or is that the coffee?).

I know that just as people like Rumi, Ram Dass, Mary Oliver, Bill McKibben and Sister Helen Prejean have influenced me and shaped how I see the world, I have the power to influence others every time I sculpt words.

As do you.

The 5 things I talk about in this video might help you to release the power to change the world inherent in your writing.

Want to know what they are? Watch me get all fired up (yet again, lord I’m an excitable gal) and hopefully help you get all fired up too.

Name the one thing – just ONE – that you would do just about anything to change in the world.

Is that REALLY it? If it doesn’t feel quite right, or it has remnants of someone else’s “shoulds” in there, drop them and get honest with yourself.

Once you have YOUR thing, make a list of five forms you could write into that might help you create change.

Finally, pick just one and write for 10 minutes on everything you know about this issue that might work well to put in this one form.

And, if you really want to get the ball rolling, head over to Facebook and post a comment under the video. I would love to hear about the issues that could inspire you to change the world.


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