Trust Yourself More in 2020

Jan 15, 2020

What I want in 2020 is for you to trust yourself more.

It has taken me many years to learn to show up when I’m afraid, to make offers consistently, to ask for support, to do the work, and to share it with you.

To be a brave creative who picks herself up and keeps going no matter what.

I’m proud of what I’ve learned, of what I’ve built, of how I serve people.

And… there’s a downside to learning to get my scary s**t done. I feel a bit too in love with working. With doing. With getting s**t done.

It’s a downside few people talk about (Ms. Glei does beautifully). You love your work so much you forget to make space to love other things, too.

Work gives me such joy and purpose, because I make stuff and I love to make stuff. Writing these sentences gave me such joy! But I also love other things. Including people. And myself.

It’s not life balance I’m seeking. In fact, there is no feeling of seeking. I feel more like I’m relaxing into an expanded curiosity. Becoming more magician, less woman in a gray flannel suit. More enchantment, less to-do list. More poetry, less how-to.

More trusting myself and I want you to trust yourself too.

It’s fascinating timing, because this year I release the book that, to me, is my most important and dearest. I release the book into your hands that took me multiple failed attempts over eleven years.

You would think, then, that this is the year to be very, very grand and very, very precise about how I will get said book into as many hands as possible.

That this is the year to make very big plans and a vision board so big it covers my whole house.

But… not so much.

Oh, I will be doing a lot to spread the word (and soon asking you for your help), but writing the book has changed me so much; I find myself trusting that I will do my best and the book will do its best, too.

That will be enough.

I don’t have to grind my teeth to nubs in the process.

What I most want in 2020 is to listen, faithfully and closely.

I hope to help you listen to your desires this year, and to trust yourself to live into them, or not. Either way, it’s going to be enough. More than enough.

Thank you for being here.

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